Who is the best fighter in the world?
You will never know!
With restrictive rules it’s ain’t Combat it’s just sport.
Without eyes poke, throat and groin attack. Many Martial Arts lose all their effectiveness.

How do we fix this mess?

After an entire life of watching, following, reading about, then writing and blogging about pro wrestling, boxing, MMA, martial arts, self-defense, bodybuilding, strongman contests, powerlifting, arm wrestling, NFL, rugby and just about any combat and strength sport that ever existed.

After decades of drawing, writing, searching, creating and giving life to hundred of fighters / characters by drawing them and writing thousands of pages of script. Virtually living in a imaginary world!

I came to the inevitable conclusion that the Perfect Fighting Sport Federation, if I can call it that way, must be: SLAUGHTERSPORT.


SLAUGHTERSPORT is a Combat Sport disputed in three universes: the actual, the virtual and the fictional.

  • A year-long international random round-robin tournament. Combatants fight once every two weeks just like the old-timer boxers. A real warrior should be ready to fight at any time. Not just twice a year.
  • No rules, no holds barred, no weight classes, no rounds, no time-limit, no referee… Fights to the finish. The events did not have advance deadlines for its conclusion. It ain’t over til somebody wins.
  • No ring, no cage, no ropes… A 20-foot diameter circle on the concrete.
  • Just two rules: No weapon. No outside interference.
  • 3 ways to win: KO, submission or death.
  • The best fighters from all across the world. A roster of 48 Combatants (24 tournament participants, 24 alternates)
  • Only ONE organization. Only ONE champion

Unfortunately, there is nothing like this in what you call the real world. So I decided to create my own…