SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe is the fictional universe within the actual world.

In the beginning…

45 years ago in a Human Stud Farm in Jamaica, there was the birth of a genetically engineered Combatant named 34 as being Number 34 of his designation ASC1 (Armored Super Combatant Protocol 1) serial number AA191201. 34 and thousands of others were breeded, created, trained, brainwashed, and doped to be emotionless fighting machines. All in the hope that one of them eventually became The World’s Greatest Fighter.

That’s what was called the SLAUGHTERSPORT Grinder. Having for mission to create, train and sacrifice hundreds of thousands of Combatants to get a Perfect One.

According to the ASC1 Protocol, 34 remained at the Human Stud Farm until 18 months for testing and selection purposes. Then he was send to the Institute in Brazil until 6 years old to learn the SLAUGHTERSPORT Combat System (an hybrid fighting style of Cape Buffalo Tai Chi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Boxing) up to 7 hours a day.

The age of 7 to 15 were the absolute worse for the majority of SC1 Combatants. This is nine years In Hell literally. In Hell is a kind of Siberian prison were only the strong survive. Indiscipline was punished by flogging and the trainees were encouraged to fight among themselves to determine the strongest member of the group. The younger and weaker trainees were usually beaten, hazed, and sexually abused by the strongest ones. That’s where 34 learned to became a leader.

After not only surviving but thriving nine years In Hell, at the age of 16, 34 was ready for the real thing, the SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School. That the last step before eventually entering the CST (Continental SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour) or the UST (Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour). That’s where the 8 hours a day of high training level and the doping begin. Every 12 months, trainees move to a new SLAUGHTERSPORT training School across the globe to get used to the intense traveling schedule of the UST.

Aside from training and learning how to fight, there is nothing else. No formal education to learn how to write, read and calculate. No junk food, no alcohol, no smoking, no recreational drugs, no distractions. Everything was optimally designed to create Perfect Combatants, at least one Perfect Combatant.

Showning superior abilities since day one, 34 became this Perfect Combatant they were waiting for. 34 became Super Combatant.



La Loi Du Plus Fort
(The Law Of The Strongest)

A whole world centered solely around SLAUGHTERSPORT fights

The SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe is a world that entirely revolve around the SLAUGHTERSPORT Combat Sport. A world in which random people challenge each other and agree to fight since every etablishment has its own SLAUGHTERSPORT Battlefield circle set up right in the middle. No other political or global issues that don’t involve SLAUGHTERSPORT are ever mentioned, and no other sports exist.

Fighting is encouraged and lauded as an achievement. There is a SLAUGHTERSPORT Center and League in every city and every town. Learning the SLAUGHTERSPORT Combat System is mandatory in every schools. Every little kid dreams of becoming a Combatant. And parents encourage their child to do so. All men are expected to be Combatants. And all women are expected to stay home and bear children.

The only other activity of importance within the SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe is gambling on these fights.


Éloi, President for Life of SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe

Meanwhile, Super Combatant formerly known as 34 is not only The World’s Greatest Fighter, he also is the most popular and beloved person on the planet. So admired and worshipped that he has been elected President for Life. The only purpose of television is to diffuse his occasional death match challenge to decide who will rule the world. He adopted the name of President Éloi, President standing for his title of President for Life and Éloi standing for l’Élu in french, which mean The Chosen One in english.


Ownership and leadership are determined by unarmed fighting skills

People rule according to their fighting skills, and nothing else. Each region is ruled by the Region Leader (the best Combatant of the region) and the Center Owners (owner and best Combatant of a SLAUGHTERSPORT Center). The best Combatants gain money, power, prestige, status, sex, territory, and preferential treatments.


No more war

Traditional open war is a thing of the past. What used to be armed conflicts are now decided by one-on-one unarmed fighting according to the SLAUGHTERSPORT Constitution. Weapons were outlawyed. Police forces were replaced by SLAUGHTERSPORT fanatic gangs acting as volunteer vigilantes. Criminals are often beaten to death by the gangs.


Fanaticism for Combatants

Fanatics are supporters who identify with their national Combatant (the best of their country) wearing its shirt and willing to commit violence in his name. Fans of President Éloi are members of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation.


The ubiquity of the SLAUGHTERSPORT symbol

The black infinity symbol on a white circle in a red background is everywhere. On street signs, residential buildings, statues of Leaders, TV sets, arenas and theaters.

SLAUGHTERSPORT official meal replacement energy drink MPM (Maxi Pro Meal) seems to be drink by everybody too.


Type of Fights

  • World Precidency Fight to the Death. Televised SLAUGHTERSPORT war except it is fought until the death of one of the two Combatant since to become President for Life of SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe you have to kill the reigning President Élois.
  • SLAUGHTERSPORT war. The original and official one-on-one unarmed fight according to the SLAUGHTERSPORT Constitution universally practised everywhere but not in a tournament format. Usually there is gambling related to it.
  • Organised Gang Fights. Organised televised unarmed 100 vs. 100 to 5 vs. 5 wars between opposing gangs (countries) wearing their Combatants’ colours. Ideally it should have five “referees” to stop the war when an entire team are lying on the ground. These fights occur after their countries’ Leaders faced each other one-on-one.
  • 60-Combatant Lei Tai Melee. 60 Combatants melee on a 10 x 10 meters (32.8 feet) and 2.5 meters (8.2 feet) high platform. The winner is the last Combatant remaining on the platform.