President for Life of SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe

BACKGROUND STORY: The SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe is a world that entirely revolve around one-on-one unarmed fighting better known as SLAUGHTERSPORT. A world in which random people challenge each other and agree to fight anywhere since every etablishment has its own SLAUGHTERSPORT Battlefield circle set up right in the middle. No other political or global issues that don’t involve SLAUGHTERSPORT are ever mentioned, and no other sports exist. Therefore, Super Combatant is not only The World’s Greatest Fighter, he also is the most popular and beloved person on the planet. So admired and worshipped that he has been elected President for Life.

The only purpose of television is to diffuse his occasional death match challenge for the Presidency of the world.

Survival Of The Fittest

THE BEGINNING: ASC1-134-AA191201 was breeded, genetically engineered, raised, trained, indoctrinated and doped from birth to be The Perfect Combatant just like many others. These trainees have serial numbers instead of individual names. Depending of their research protocol, many young trainees were bullied, sexually abused, flogged regularly to toughen them. The mentally and physically weaks were beaten to death by a fellow trainee. Only the best trainees, those who survived through the SLAUGHTERSPORT Grinder, could become Super Combatants. And the very best of them all, the Chosen One, was hand-picked to represent the SLAUGHTERSPORT Grinder at the prestigious, but deadly, annual Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour. Then, if the representing Super Combatant was defeated, he was considered a failure.

The World’s Greatest Fighter

ASC1-134-AA191201 was different, he was much better than the other Super Combatants. ASC1-134-AA191201 was the Super Combatant that the SLAUGHTERSPORT Grinder dreamed of. He was so good that he quickly became “The World’s Greatest Fighter” by winning 6 UST tournaments and remaining undefeated from the age of 21 to 26.

Years after years, reigning as The Undisputed Best Fighter Of The Entire Universe and being elevated to a deity status by his fans world wide. He soon realized all the power and popularity he had and all the riches and privileges he should have instead of being the slave of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Grinder. Furthermore the restrictive KO and submission war ending rule couldn’t fill the pleasure he gets from killing an enemy. And he became aware that the SLAUGHTERSPORT Authority had the intention of replacing him next year since he was already bigger than the sport and bigger than the Mega-Corporation.

The Uprising

With his genius-level intellect, his leadership skills, and billions of fans across the world. He commanded his fellow Super Combatants into a well-planned uprising to take over SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. Now in charge, Super Combatant alias ASC1-134-AA191201 baptized himself President Éloi. President because he was unanimously named President for Life by his fans and Éloi because it mean L’Élu in french which mean the chosen one in english. The SLAUGHTERSPORT Mega-Corporation crumbled to some extent. Political and institutional power eroded until each countries was led by its best Combatant who, fanatically supported by his fellow countrymen, was elected as their Leader.


NAME: 34
NICKNAME: President Éloi
SPECIES: Genetically engineered human

OCCUPATION: President for Life of SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe and The World’s Greatest Fighter.
HEIR APPARENT: President Éloi (his 18 years old clone)

BIRTHPLACE: SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School, Sierra Nevada, Spain
BIRTHDATE: December 1
RESIDENCE: Sierra Nevada, Spain
HEIGHT (barefoot): 6’6″ (198 cm) non-pathalogical giant; 6’9″ (armored)
WEIGHT: 238 lbs (108 kg/17 stones) athletic, well-trained and well-conditioned; 275 lbs (armored)
AGE: 45
REACH: 84.25″
STANCE: Southpaw
BODY FAT: 6-8%
CHEST: 46″
WAIST: 36″
THIGH: 29″
HAND SPAN: 9.25″

10K (6.2-mile) RUN: 43:20

(Cape Buffalo Tai Chi + Brazilian Jiu Jitsu + Muay Thai + Wrestling + Boxing)
High pace Combatant (High volume output in term of Signifiant Strike Attempts per Minute).

6-TIME UST CHAMPION (age 21-26)

POST-UST RECORD: 72 KILLS (in 19 years)

ETHNICITY: Purebred Afro-Jamaican
HERITAGE: West African slave
CATEGORY: ASC1 (SC3+AM4) Genetically, Chimically & Artificially Assisted
PHYSICAL LEVEL: A (A-level athlete)
MENTAL LEVEL: A (genius-level intellect)

IQ: 156
LANGUAGE: English, Spanish

EYE SIGHT: 20/15


  • ASC1 (Armored Super Combatant 1 Protocol)
  • 134 (Serie I, numerical assignation 34, out of a pool of 50)
  • A Physical Level (A-level athlete)
  • A Mental Level (genius-level intellect)
  • 191201 (2019 December 1 is the date of his release)


TATTOOS: The SLAUGHTERSPORT logo on his forehead; his serial number ‘ASC1 134 AA191201’ on his left cheek; ASC1 protocol note and UST record on his right upper arm.
SCARS: Three scars around his left eye; flogging keloid scars all over his back.


  • Purebred Afro-Jamaican
  • Perfect physical condition
  • Nose bone removed
  • One-inch beard and hair
  • Cauliflower ears
  • Long sharpened finger nails


  • Fight till death. Never surrender.
  • Insensitive to pain and hardship.


  • Genius-level intellect
  • A-level athlete
  • Master martial artist and hand-to-hand Combatant
  • Leadership and charisma
  • High tech armor suit
  • Money


  • Superfan
  • President Éloi (his 18 years old clone)
  • HERO
  • The Big Thing


  • Muhammad al-Fatih


  • Trainers.
  • Engineers/Armorers.
  • Physician/medical specialist.
  • Massotherapist.
  • Chiropractor.
  • Sport scientist.
  • Researcher.
  • Chef/nutritionist.
  • Training partner/bodyguard.
  • Apprentice Combatant/son (his 18 years old clone groomed to be his successor)
  • Geneticists.
  • Futurists.


  • Armor. An incredible, seemingly unbeatable advantage.
  • Incredibly fit. A perfect athletic specimen.
  • Well-rested. Fight two to three times a year on average. It is easier on the body than fighting several times a year like he did in the UST.
  • Hometown advantage. Most enemies will have trouble breathing and won’t be able to fight efficiently in the high altitude of Sierra Nevada, Spain.
  • The Creator. Has a very unique relationship with The Creator.


  • Aging. At 45 years old he is well past his peak as a Super Combatant. On the flip side, he still is incredibly fit and at his peak of power and popularity in the SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe.
  • One-on-one Combatant. He was exclusively trained to one enemy at a time.
  • Armor suit dependancy. Was trained to fight with his armor on and will literally feel vulnerable if he doesn’t wear it.
  • Limited speed and mobility. The flipside of his seemingly invulnerable armor suit is its bulk and weight.

FAMILY: 33 children (2 clones; 1 deceased) with 11 West African wives. 19 sons and 14 daughters, all purebred Alphas and genetically engineered. All his sons are named Éloi and his first daughter is named Éloïse. All his sons are trained to be Combatants just like he was since his birth.

FUTURE: Still in excellent physical shape, he has the intention to retire from fighting, and consequently Presidency, in five years at the age of 50. Thus getting killed by his then 23 years old clone and heir in a death match for the Presidency of the world.



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