It’s a competitive high quality realistic free-to-play 1v1 FPV (First Person View) Virtual Reality immersive online Fighting game.

FREE TO PLAY. No downloads. You play through your browser. All you need to do is to register.

1v1. 1 versus 1, which means two Gamers battling each other, two virtual Combatants battling each other. A Gamer controls one virtual Combatant battling another Gamer’s virtual Combatant.

FPV (First Person View) Virtual Reality immersive realistic high quality online Fighting game.

Create-A-Combatant (CAC)

  • Gamers create their own Combatants customizing their appareances from head to toes, their fighting styles and movesets.
  • Gamers can create or buy as many Combatants as their want to form a stable.
  • Gamers can buy virtual goods (skins) to enhance the skills and appearance of their Combatants.
  • Gamers can sell, exchange or give their Combatants to other Gamers.
  • Gamers can play for nothing or betting real money on themselves.
  • Virtual Combatants get old and can get injured, killed just like real-life Combatants.
  • When a Combatant is killed in the virtual world he disappears forever and the gamer/owner loses all the virtual goods (skins) he invested on his Combatant.

FREESTYLE. One freestyle level, the same BattleField in different arenas all across the world. Freestyle/anything goes/anything is allowed since The Game is played remotely online. A human Gamer plays The Game. So does a artificial intelligence. Both are Gamers and both are allowed to play. You can play single or with a team. A team could consist of any number of humans or computers, in any combination. Anything is allowed.

Who Beat Who ranking system.

“SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game is a money game played with virtual Combatants.” — PYGOD

Gambling is a part of The Game, not just for the spectators but for the Gamers too. Gamers can be gambler and hustler too.

SLAUGHTERSPORT Betting Exchange. Live odds for all games are displayed on the screen by the SLAUGHTERSPORT Betting Exchange (5% rake). So as long as there is action (other bettors), a Gamer can bet for or against himself. Yes, a Gamer can lose on purpose or manipulate the live betting odds by starting badly to make a winning comeback.

Gamers and online viewers can also take side-bet between each other for a 5% rake.

Skins (virtual goods). With real money you can buy costumes, clothing, accessories, training programs (upgrades), upgraded equipment, Performance Enhancing Drugs for your Combatant(s) from the in-game store. Gamers and/or investors can trade, sold, buy virtual goods, including Combatants, between each other. There is a 5% transaction fee if the virtual goods are sold via the in-game store.

No discrimination. Able bodied and disabled, young and old, boy and girl, man and woman, anybody can take on anybody. Everybody can play SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game. Everybody can participate in the SLAUGHTERSPORT Gaming Championship (SGC), as long as they are ranked in the Top 48 Gamers.

No one gets hurt.

Superstars, Heroes & Millionaires. A rather large subset of children are growing up idolizing top Gamers/streamers instead of Combatants, because their status seem more attainable. Since SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game is free, fun, safe, accessible and available to everyone and you can make a living playing it!

Regular updates but no new releases and no new editions.

No health bar, but realistic blood and injuries occur just like in the real world.

X-rays of your injured Combatant after a war.

Wide angle view of the action for spectators instead of POV for the Gamer.


The 3-3 aspects of SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game

  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Creating
  • Learning
  • Watching
  • Streaming


The 3 types of Gamers

  • Human
  • Machine (AI)
  • Cyborg / Centaur (Human+AI / Human Machine team)


The 2 formats of SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game

  • Cash Games
  • Tournaments


7 revenue streams for human Gamers (player and/or programmer)

  • Tournaments.
  • Cash Games.
  • Gambling/Hustling.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Streaming.
  • Teaching.
  • Investing. (buying/selling virtual goods and Combatants)


SLAUGHTERSPORT Gaming Championship

SGC Constitution

  1.  The Top 48, ranked, Gamers in the world.
  2. Can be played remotely, online, via the servers of
  3. Anything goes. A Gamer can be a Human, a Computer, or a Team of any number of humans or computers in any combination.


All-Time SLAUGHTERSPORT Tournament

The All-Time Greatest Combatants, past and present, at their peak face each other in a dream tournament.
All real-life SLAUGHTERSPORT Combatants are non-players characters (NPCs) controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).


SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe Tournament

The SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe characters facing each other in a dream tournament.
All SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe characters are non-players characters (NPCs) controlled by artificial intelligence (AI).