$1.1 Trillion SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. value.

$10 Billion budget to operate the SLAUGHTERSPORT Grinder.

5 billion casual SLAUGHTERSPORT fans.

1.1 billion The Game registered users (free).

1 billion SLAUGHTERSPORT fanatics.

1 billion SLAUGHTERSPORT Network subscribers ($119.88/year).

666 million The Game streaming platform viewers a year.

500 million active users of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation website section.

300 million SLAUGHTERSPORT Combat System practionners. Making it the world’s most popular sport/matial art.

283 million gym members in SLAUGHTERSPORT Centers worldwide.

200-300 million weekly active Gamers.

250 million Strongest Man Alive Competition viewers worldwide.

$200 Million is the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour (UST) budget for the Combatants.

199 million followers of “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon.

$100 Million tax-free prize to become The World’s Greatest Fighter at the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour (UST).

$100 Million tax-free bounty to defeat Omnipotent and become The World’s Greatest Gamer at the SLAUGHTERSPORT Gaming Championship (SGC).

94.5 million units sold of “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon 13-inch rubber action figure ($10 each) over the last twelve months. Making it the best selling toy of all time.

92 million unique visitors a day on SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM.

75 million SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation official members ($49.95/year).

$58 Million in sponsorship deal for “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon this year.

12 million T-shirts of “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon ($20 each) over the last twelve months.

55,200 wars total of all 200 National SLAUGHTERSPORT tour (NST) across the world.

1,380 wars total of all five Continental SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour (CST).

276 wars in a Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour (UST).

53 languages and all countries of the world. Avaibility of SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM.

34 is the original name of Super Combatant/President Éloi of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe.

24 Participant Combatants in each Tour.

18 cameras with 8K and 4K capabilities, including a drone and the referee’s head-camera, to shoot the action inside the Battlefield and around the arena at any event.

12 wars per Event.

7 members of The Committee aka SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. Board of Directors.

7 fundamental principles in the SLAUGHTERSPORT Constitution.

3 universes. The SLAUGHTERSPORT is a Combat Sport disputed in three universes: the actual, the virtual and the fictional.

1 There can only be One. One “World’s Greatest Fighter” and one “World’s Greatest Gamer”.