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BIRTHPLACE:Flag of SpainMadrid, Spain
RESIDENCE:Flag of SpainPlaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid, Spain
HEIGHT: 5’9″ (175 cm)
WEIGHT: 137 lbs (62 kg)
AGE: 25 (will retire at 35)
WAIST: 28″

CATEGORY: Natural & Raw

  • Started training in a bullfighter school at the age of 5.
  • Began bullfighting at the age of 14.
  • Matador since the age of 23.
  • Agility, grace, coordination and precision.
  • Famous seducer with his boyish good look and wealthy background. Had affairs with several famous actresses and top models.
  • Mocked for being effeminate.


Purely defensive. Totally avoiding the attacks of his enemy while refusing to strike them back. Thanks to his exceptionnal condition and stamina, he can fight throughtout the whole day under any condition. Invariably, the enemy will grow frustrated and lose his composure.

He is built for the long-distance. He has the size of an elite marathon runner (5’9″, 137 lbs). He will spend the entire war dancing around his enemy, blocking, slipping and guarding every attack until his enemy give up or collapse from exhaustion. A 24+ hours defensive struggle is a possibility with him.

You can swing at him for three hours straight without landing a single one. Then you will have no other choice that giving up from physical and/or mental exhaustion.

He has an impenetrable guard and is a master at slipping punches, kicks, and takedown attempts.

He will, most likely, never lose nor be strike by an enemy. No one could touch him, literally.

For him, the truest victory is when he forced his opponent, although uninjured, to give up; for then the man was overcome, not by his injury, but by himself. He knocks them out psychologically and forces them into mental surrender without physical injury.


GEAR: Each of his Matador costumes (traje de luces /suit of lights) is decorated in gold, costs over 3,280 euros [$4,500] and weights 11 pounds.

MUSICAL THEME: Carmen – Toreador Song



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