The Greatest Fighter Of All Time & The King Of The Immobilization

BIRTHPLACE: Luxembourg, Belgium
RESIDENCE: Brussels, Belgium
HEIGHT: 6’2″ (188 cm)
WEIGHT: 308 lbs (140 kg)
AGE: 52

ETHNICITY: Caucasian
CATEGORY: Natural & Raw

OCCUPATION: Retired Legend / Instructor / Author (9 books)
MARITAL STATUS: Married with six children and two grandchildren

Gotch Bruno in his prime


  • Was ranked as the greatest SLAUGHTERSPORT Combatant of all time.
  • He is the greatest Quintuple Crown Unified King of all time.
  • Held the QCUK title 3 times for a cumulated reign of 10 years 6 months and 10 days and a total of 127 title defenses.
  • Was the first and only SLAUGHTERSPORT Grand Monarch ending his career with a record of 13-0.
  • Was the undefeated and undisputed Japan Combat Libre Champion prior to his QCUK success
  • Known as The King Of The Immobization

FIGHTING STYLE: Catch Wrestling

  • 5th degree Black Belt in Judo
  • 2nd degree Black Belt in Jujutsu
  • 1st Razryad international Master in Sambo
  • Black Belt in Shozo Takagi Grappling (Awarded)
  • Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Awarded)

STRENGTHS: Submission wrestling king… Reputation… Knows how to pace himself with a rest and hold style… Effectiveness… Deception (see all his weaknesses).

WEAKNESSES: Age, physical condition and asthma… Inactivity… His superhuman strength and stamina are gone.

DECEPTION: While filming a training session for a report, he intentionally grappled bare chested in his black speedo exposing his fat, out of shape looking body.

Exposing his fat, aging body, his liberal use of his asthma inhaler and his long comb over to look as old, creepy and inept as possible. He wants to be underestimated by everybody.

FAVORITE FINISHER: Every moves he uses is a potential finishing move.

PYGOD always dreamed about creating the Perfect Fighter. But his finally realized dream backfired. Gotch Bruno’s over a decade-long absolute dominance, ellusive boring fighting style, and blank stoic personality led to the utmost demise of the entire sport ten years ago.

GEAR / EQUIPMENT: Combover, judo gi, worn out black belt with 5 yellow degree on, amateur wrestling shoes, grey T-shirt, wrestling trunk that he wears way above his navel, cup, mouth guard, always carry his asthma inhaler in his socks (take a shot moment before his wars and during if he can).

Grappling, strangling, limb twisting, head butting, punching, kicking, biting and even eye gouging…

Dedicated himself to Judo, Jujitsu and Sambo after his retirement from pro fighting. And teached to only a few at a very high price. Said to be the highest-paid martial arts teacher ever. Former NFL Football player “The Wall” is one of his students.

Now fights with a Judo gi on instead of his traditional black speedo and wrestling boots.

Trained for a solid 18 months to make his comeback after 10 years of retirement. For fight training and conditioning consisted of a six hour workouts of a combination of striking, grappling, and general cardio work.

He is also an extremely skilled wrestler, having been an accomplished amateur background, as well as being considered (in many circles) as the best submission wrestler alive today. Even better than Konga Ruopa.

Said that he is still learning something new everyday after all those years.

LITTLE-KNOWN FACTS: The rumor that he is out of shape, washed up and over the hill, and his apparent reliance on his asthma inhaler are an act. For the last ten years he never stopped fighting and learning. He did frequent trips to Japan to train with the very best Masters of Japanese martial arts. He bounded a serious friendship with world-renowed trainer Shozo Takagi.

Looking like a breathless fat old man is one of his strategies. He prefers to be underestimated and taken lightly by his enemies than feared.



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