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“Women who want to be men equal have no ambition.”
— Kayla Griffin (UST Combatant)

FULL NAME: Kayla Griffin
BIRTHPLACE:United StatesDallas, Texas, United States
RESIDENCE:United StatesDallas, Texas, United States
HEIGHT: 5’5″ (165 cm)
WEIGHT: 127 lbs (57.5 kg)
AGE: 27


FIGHTING STYLE: Bak Mei Pai / Gymkata

  • Trained in Gymnastics since the age of 4.
  • Gold medal – first place Was a member of the Gold medal-winning United States Summer Olympics women’s artistic gymnastics team at the age of 16.
  • Started Shotokan Karate at the age of 10.
  • Earned her Black Belt at 18.
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate
  • Competed in Professional Kickboxing from the age of 18 to 22.
  • KICKBOXING RECORD: 20-1 (20 KO) Her only loss is by disqualification.
  • Trained in Bak Mei Pai at the White Lotus Monastery in Mount Emei, China for three years — 1,000 days training program. (age 24 to 26)
  • Trains 35 hours a week.

FINISHING MOVE: Plucking an eye out


  • Jumping right head kick
  • High jump stomp attack (4 stomps with both feet)
  • A flashy, acrobatic and high-flying fighting style. Gymnastics moves combined with many dance like, acrobatic maneuvers, graceful and versatile spins, cartwheels, handstands, tumbles and pirouettes.


  • Probably the best in term of speed, balance, reflexes, agility, fluidity and flexibility. Which made for a floating defense and a lightning fast offense. Undersized Kung Fu fighter like herself, Master Shi Li and Lee Chan are definitely in a league of their own in term of speed, balance, and agility.
  • Killer instinct. Throat, eyes, balls are her favorite targets. Don’t let her Olympian, law school student, good girl background foul you she will rip your eyes out with great pleasure.
  • Psychological warfare, smack talk and sardonic smile. She is extremely confident and like to taunt and insult her enemies at war. She is either mocking or destroying.


  • Lack of size and strength. She is surprisingly strong for her diminutive size but that didn’t mean anything if you compare her to the other UST Combatants.
  • Ability to absorb punishment.
  • Overconfidence. Does she really think that she can handle anybody with ease?
  • Wasted energy on her overly flashy style. Can she expands that much energy for a long distance?

ETHNICITY: African American
NATIONALITY:United StatesAmerican
RELIGION: Buddhist
DIET: Vegan
LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, Mandarin
CATEGORY: Natural & Raw


  • Harvard Law School

OCCUPATION: Olympic gymnast, kickboxer, Harvard lawyer, animal lover, UST Combatant

HOBBY: Pets, travelling, gymnastics, martial arts, UST, beach volleyball

CHARACTER: Stubborn, strong-willed and hard working.

POPULARITY: You cannot hate Kayla. Everybody seem to love her and root for her. She is extremely popular particularly with children and little girls who dress like her.
Kayla is always nice, friendly and available to her fans. She is a fixture at SLAUGHTERSPORT Festivals where she gracefully give autographs, selfies and bracelets and spend time with the fans.

MARKETABILITY: A strong-willed woman who won’t back down to anybody and isn’t afraid to face any Combatant with confidence and determination.
Overmatched in size and strength but unmatched in heart. Kayla is an Afro-American woman willing to face any Combatant in a brutal men’s sport.
Underdogs, women and little girls can relate to her more than they can relate to Andromache the Great, a 6’9″, 272-pound female boosted on steroids and growth hormones.
Kayla is not overly sexualized, not skinny, not overly muscular. She has the girl next door good look.


Her father Joseph is a prominent Dallas’s lawyer and her late mother Sharon was a school teacher. She was raised as the only child of a wealthy family but behind the facade her father was abusive toward her mother. Her mother Sharon died of breast cancer one week before Kayla passed her bar exam.

Unsatisfied with her career’s choice of being a lawyer, the lost of her mother, her failed relationships with men, her life in general, badly missing the thrill of sports competition, and struggling with eating disorder and suicidal thoughts. Kayla quit her lucrative but boring job, sold everything she had, gave her two dogs to the shelter, took her life savings and moved to China to learn Kung Fu.

Was trained in Bak Mei Pai at the White Lotus Monastery in Mount Emei, China for two years and embraced the Buddhism lifestyle ever since.

Returned to the United States after a couple of years and became director of the local animal shelter in her native Dallas, Texas.

ENTOURAGE: Her two dogs. She brings her dogs everywhere she goes.


  • Long sleeved glow green and yellow gymnastics leotard
  • Personalized bracelets that she gives to children.
  • Pearl earrings of her mother
  • Pixie haircut
  • Make-up and eyelashes
  • Pearly white teeth

Was discovered by the UST through different media outlets covering her amazing accomplishments and unusual life path.


  1. Have fun.
  2. Honor her Master (Tiger from the White Lotus Monastery).
  3. Raise Money for the animal shelter.

FUTURE: Will compete in the UST till the age of 37 if everything goes perfectly well.


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