Le Prince de Corée

SGC Honorary President

Honored as a god in the gaming world and treated as such everywhere he goes.

BORN: Seoul, South Korea
HEIGHT: 5’7″
WEIGHT: 300 lbs
AGE: 52

EDUCATION: STEM degree (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)

FAMILY BACKGROUND: Born into unlimited wealth and privilege with a reported family fortune of $400 Million. His father was a judge and his mother is the heiress of a banking dynasty. He also had a multimillion-dollar trust fund set up by his banker grandfather on the day he was born. So Money was never an issue for him.

BUSINESS CAREER: In his early 20s, impressed by his initiative and ideas, his family loaned him a total of $100 Million to start his technology company. Loans that he never had any intention to reimburse and he never did.

His business model is to basically screwing inventors out of their inventions and taking the entire credit for it.



Le Prince de Corée gave away his entire corporation to SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. in exchange of 8% of their total shares, becoming a multi deca Billionaire overnight. His corporation merged into the SLAUGHTERSPORT Tech division and he was named Head of SLAUGHTERSPORT Tech. As a result, he replaced Yoshiro ”Hiro” Miyake as the Game Director / Chief Producer of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Fighting Games.

As required by SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. who aims to be the be-all and end-all of EVERYTHING, Le Prince de Corée removed all his video games from the market, online and offline. Thus making all of his technologies exclusively available to SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. And all his employees became SLAUGHTERSPORT’ Inc. employees.

APPEARANCE: The guy looks like shit! He looks more like an homeless retard than a Billionaire genius.

Obese, a cross-sided right eye accentuated by thick glasses with square black frame, a small mouth hiding foul yellow teeth and a not so discret stinking breath. He is malodorous, pasty white skin, has a long hirsute unkempt beard and damaged long hair arranged into a long mid-back length ponytail.

His fashion sense just accentuate his grotesque physical appearance. His entire wardrobe consists of a dozen of identical 3XL grey tank tops bearing the inscription ‘SLAUGHTERSPORT Tech’ above the infinity logo at left chest height; two green cargo shorts; a pair of black flip-flops; and a navy blue zipper hoodie that he only wear when it’s cold outside.

His ever-present grey tank top displays two shitty tattoos on his flabby upper arms. The one on his left arm is a Machiavelli portrait and the one on his right arm is a Marquis de Sade portrait. His two role models both cheaply inked on himself with a bare minimum of details, just black contour lines.

Nonetheless our fashion icon wears one very expensive thing on himself. A $100K oversized 60mm black titanium electronic wrist watch with enough functions and gadjets on to make James Bond jealous. And a silver bullet cocaine necklace stashing 3 grams of the purest magic powder available. He carries a 15-shot Browning Hi Power semi-automatic pistol at all times in the right front side pocket of his cargo shorts.

Conference, presentation, meeting with investors, court of law… No matter the circumstance he wears his leisure beach attire everyday everywhere he goes. He doesn’t dress up for anybody. He just don’t care!


  • His bodyguard/valet.
  • His international pimp and coke supplier.
  • His personal assistant. An attractive blonde leggy woman in her 30s. She wears tight fitting black business suits with short skirt exposing her long tan bare legs and a white blouse exposing her fake round boobs trapped inside a black bra. She wears glasses and her long blond hair are styled into an updo. Despite looking like a porn movie fantasy, her boss isn’t interested in her sexually. Le Prince de Corée prefers his “appetizers” to be in the 12-15 age group either boy and girl. Furthermore, his assistant has an attitude and didn’t take shit from anybody, even him. She always act in her boss and his corporation’s best interests. What a weird mismatched team!

Libertine & Glutton: Voracious eater, wino, cocaine addict, ephebophile.

  • Has a bedroom next to his spacious and luxurious office since he lives, eats and fucks there.
  • He employs a full-time pimp to provide him with his “appetizers”; three teenage boys or girls a day for anal sex purpose. One before each of his copious three meals a day all delivered at his office. The ritual is always the same, he had them to bend over his office, drop their pants or dress to their ankle, fuck them into their tight virgin assholes, then he gets rid of them after a couple of minutes of painful intercourse.
  • Snort cocaine in front of everybody and encourage his employees to do so for productivity and performance purpose.
  • Go to bed dead drunk everynight and snort cocaine to wake up in the morning.


A TYPICAL DAY: Yes, he is a drunk and a cokehead but an exceptionally productive and functional one.

First thing in the morning, he starts his day snorting a line of cocaine.

Ass fuck rapes the first of his three daily “appetizers” with the doors of his office wide-open for everyone to see.

Then after a gargantuan breakfast, he gets the shit done in the morning fueling on cocaine and a 12-cup coffee pot.



Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea
Regional Offices:

  • Shanghai, China
  • Osaka, Japan
  • Silicon Valley, Cupertino, California, United States


Le Prince de Corée is an amoral and depraved bisexual sadist who always thought that he was entitled and superior to everybody else. Partly because he is a psychopath and the spoiled only son of a wealthy and affluent family.

His two heroes and role models are Machiavelli and the Marquis de Sade. He is also an avid collector of everything related to them and decorates his office with his expensive items and artworks. He is the owner of the original manuscript of The 120 Days Of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade.

Marquis de Sade Machiavelli SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM

“Nothing is more anarchic than power, power does what it wants” – Pier Paolo Pasolini.