RESIDENCE: SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Center, Robbinsdale, Minnesota, USA
HEIGHT: 6’8″
WEIGHT: 400 lbs
BODY FAT: 8-15%
TRAINING DEBUT: 4 years old


CATEGORY: Chemically Assisted & Raw
HERITAGE: West African descent

CLEAN & JERK: 550 lbs (250 kg) anytime; very best 584 lbs (265 kg). Clean 617 lbs (280 kg) in training.

  • 165 lbs (75 kg) at 8 years old.
  • 200 lbs (91 kg) at 11 years old.
  • 337 lbs (153 kg) at 14 years old.
  • 407 lbs (185 kg) at 16 years old.

DEADLIFT: 904 lbs

  • 675 lbs at 16 years old.
  • 700 lbs at 18 years old.
  • 800 lbs at 19 years old.


  • Both his parents are African Americans. His father is a Certified Olympic Weightlifting coach and his mother represented the United States at the Olympic Games in Weightlifting (ranked 14th). Many suspect a breeding experience from the SLAUGHTERSPORT.
  • His lifting gear are all custom-made and created especially for him. Weightlifting boot instead of shoes were created to his convenience to offer additional support to his ankles.


  • Chain smoker, Smokes at least 25 cigarettes a day. Often smokes a cigarette and drinks a tea between training sets. It doesn’t harm his performance since his training is all about brute strength.
  • A 36 beers binge, once a week, the night before his day-off. Enjoying free beers and screwing at least three groupies in the VIP lounge of the nearby SLAUGHTERSPORT Palace every Saturday night.
  • Womanizing.


  1. The head coach of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Center USA (Elite). Highly trained, highly educated, highly regarded Certified Olympic Weightlifting coach and a former Olympic weightlifter himself.
  2. His father/personal coach.
  3. The head physician of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Center USA.
  4. Massotherapist.
  5. The chiropractor of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Center USA.
  6. The lead sport scientist of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Center USA.
  7. A researcher from the SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Center USA.
  8. Chef/nutritionist.
  9. Training partner.


Engineered to succeed through the

The almighty SLAUGHTERSPORT wanted to create The Perfect SuperStrongman to represent the United States at the Strongest Man Alive Competition (SMAC), to attract mainstream medias and to get a bigger audience.


A tremendous number of “subjects”. 450,000 trainees world wide are thrown into SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Centers across the world. They are monitored by 3,000 full-time coaches and thrown away when they couldn’t produce or got injured.


The opportunity to train full-time, being given food, housing without having to work.
National pride and glory.
Prestige. What is more Alpha Male and prestigious that being awarded the title of the “Strongest Man Alive”?
Money. $100,000 to participate, $100,000 to set a new World Record, $1 Million tax-free to the winner, and the opportunity for sponsorship deals.


  • First, they searched for a Black man from West African descent. Since this group seems to have a propensity towards speed, power and explosion.
  • 400 pounds. “Mass moves mass — simply put, bigger people can move bigger weights even if that weight is fat mass.” as stated by Greg Haff. Lean mass is even better since its easier to move and contract.
  • His height (6’8″) helps him for Natural Stones Lifting, which consist of lifting gigantic stones over a 4-foot high barrier. His tallness also permits him to gain more muscle mass than a smaller Super Strongman. He is so big and so strong that he is a top Deadlift puller anyway.
  • Nonetheless, at an early age, he was carefully selected for having relatively short limbs, robust joints to eventually develop big legs and a big back but far less mass in arms and delts. A big bone structure to start with.
  • A vise grip is vital for all the Test Of Strengths furthermore for the Heavy Farmer’s Walk.
  • Peak age for strength athletes is between 23 to 25 years old.


  • An internal drive to be the best.
  • Deep love for the sport.


  • Starting at an early age with specific training. 4 years old is the ideal age. Deliberate practice and specialization from more or less day 1 are the names of the game.
  • Training 7 hours/day 6 days/week with only 12 days off per year.
  • The highest level of coaching.
  • The SLAUGHTERSPORT Strength Center training system combines daily near maximum lifting in the competition lifts with specific assistance work to focus on weak points (based on the coach’s eye) then supplemented with general bodybuilding work on the premise that a ‘bigger muscle is a potentially stronger muscle’.
  • Full-time training. Potential SuperStrongmen are fully supported (food, housing, entourage, etc) for optimal training, rest, eat, recovery, sleep and repeat.
  • Plenty of sleep in addition of naps taken between the daily training sessions.
  • Eat, eat, eat to always be in caloric surplus.
  • Few distractions, no TV, no Internet, no social medias. So repetitive training won’t become boresome when there is nothing else.



  • 36 eggs omelette for breakfast every morning.

MUSICAL THEME: Ezekiel Jackson Theme “Domination”.


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