NICKNAMES: God of the Battlefield, The Bringer of Pain, The Shark (Japan)
BIRTHPLACE: Province of Caceres, Spain
WEIGHT: 190 lbs
AGE: 25
REACH: 75″

CATEGORY: Natural & Raw

MMA Light Heavyweight Champion
Former MMA Champion (1-night tournament)

FIGHTING STYLES: Mixed Martial Arts (Catch Wrestling and Kickboxing) / SLAUGHTERSPORT (Pankration)

  • Worked at the farm since the age of 7 which gave him a lean muscular body, good strength, and a solid grip.
  • Started training in catch wrestling and kickboxing at 15 to become an MMA fighter.
  • A man who combines brutal kicking ability with a vast knowledge of submission holds.
  • His fighting style is all about speed and conditioning. He is lightning fast and relentless.
  • Often destroys his opponents under one minute and even under 30 seconds.
  • Among the best fighters in the world.
  • Defeated Konga Ruopa and two other opponents in a one-night, eight-man, elimination tournament to become MMA Champion.
  • Was MMA Light Heavyweight Champion before forfeiting the title to join the Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT.
  • Joined the Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT for six months before competing in the annual UST 3. He will train, eat, sleep, and live full-time at the Ludus SLAUGHTERSPORT for the entire duration of the tournament.


  • 1st match: KO’d a 6’9″, 620-pound sumo champion in 35 seconds with strikes in the United States.
  • 2nd match: KO’d a 400-pound Hawaian fighter in 15 seconds with punches in the United States.
  • 3rd match: Submitted 6’3″, 285-pound former MMA champion Konga Ruopa in 15:30 with a triangle choke. He was pound-and-grounded for the entire match til he saw an opening and caught Ruopa in the choke. Won the MMA World Championship 8-man, one-night, single elimination tournament in the United States.
  • 4th match: TKO’d the future Japanese Pro Wrestling “World” Champion in 21 seconds with a head kick and punches in Japan.
  • 5th match: KO’d a 6’4″, 280-pound pro wrestler reputed for his toughness and legendary in Japan, but he is 44 years old and 10 years past his prime in 22 seconds with a knee to the face in Japan.
  • 6th match: Lost
  • 7th match: Submitted an overmatched 6’4″, 390-pound, 35 years old, multiple-time pro wrestling world champion with a rear naked choke in 2:15 in Japan. The pro wrestler received $100,000 for the match.
  • 9th match: KTFO’d of Mexican pro wrestler, MMA fighter, and accomplished amateur wrestler with a head kick in 46 seconds in Japan. Santos Rodriguez, 6’7″, 304 lbs, age 24. Greco-Roman wrestling champion. MMA record: 3-2. After this defeat, Rodriguez trained hard, got better, won 6 fights in a row and became MMA Champion. Ending his career a year later with an MMA record of 9-5 after losing his two last world championship match.
  • 16th match: TKO’d the former Japanese Pro Wrestling “World” Champion, for the second time, in 1:02 with punches in Japan.
  • 17th match: Submitted a masked high-flyer Japanese wrestling legend (5’6″, 200 lbs, 18 years pro, 38 years old) in 1:48 with a rear naked choke in Japan. It was the masked wrestler birthday.
  • 18th match: Submitted Olympic freestyle wrestling gold medalist in the heavyweight weight class (198-220 lbs) at the age of 27, 2-time World Champion, 4-time All American (5’10”, 199 lbs, age 33) in 16 seconds with an armbar to win the MMA Light Heavyweight Championship in Japan. The Olympic gold medalist had a MMA record of 3-0 before this fight.

Has always been seen and promoted as the MMA representant against the world. Taking on all-comers from diverse fighting styles and destroying pro wrestlers in Japan for big Money.


Speed, stamina, conditioning, and athleticism. Just like his name says – Pistrix which is the Latin word for Shark – he constantly attacks.

Always goes for the early kill but can be patient if necessary.

He celebrates his wins by laughing of his fallen opponents and by screaming “I am Pistrix! rooarrrhh” while raising both arms looking in the air.

THEME SONG: Rollerball intro, Bach Toccata and Fugue in D minor

AGENT: Gary Barzetti fired before UST 3
SPONSORS: He is making $30K per war just by wearing his gear. Thanks to his agent who was fired and replaced by SLAUGHTERSPORT Management.



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