PYGOD is presented as:

  • The Supreme Leader of SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc.
  • Owner of 70% of SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. corporation shares.
  • Having 96% of voting power.
  • Collecting 10% of every profit.
  • Commander-In-Chief of the SS (SLAUGHTERSPORT Security)

ALIASES: The Supreme Leader of SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc., The Voice
RESIDENCE: The top floor of GODistan’s SLAUGHTERSPORT Headquarters
ASSOCIATES: The Committee

PYGOD is a recluse never seen and never interviewed.


Nobody know for sure if PYGOD is or had been a real person, or is a fictional personification of the SLAUGHTERSPORT.

PYGOD is the subject of a cult of personality.

PYGOD is said to communicate exclusively by emails or via speakerphone to members of The Committee, but remains unseen at all time.


The most persistent and accepted rumor is that PYGOD is an asexual recluse who reside on the last stare of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Headquarters in GODistan, works 24 hours a day, never sleep, never eat and survives on his personal brand of water, PYGOD Water.


“SLAUGHTERSPORT is our religion, our law, and our church. PYGOD is God, because he created all of this.”