BIRTHPLACE: East End of London, England, UK
HEIGHT: 5’11” (180 cm)
WEIGHT: 397 lbs (180 kg)
Started his career at a trim 205 pounds.
Retired at UST 2 after getting both eyes punctured and blinded by Master Shi Li.


OCCUPATION: Deathmatch wrestler “Bleed For A Living”

MANAGER/HANDLER: his psychologist Dr. Wolfgang Van Denberg

ENTRANCE MUSIC: Halloween (Michael Myers) Theme Song

TITLES: Current (Pro Wrestling) World Tag Team Champion and former (Pro Wrestling) World Heavyweight Champion.

PRO WRESTLING CAREER: Before signing with the SLAUGHTERSPORT, he was on the end of a lucrative contract with the main North American Pro Wrestling Promotion. Specialized in hardcore and street fight matches. He was used as a sideshow attraction.

BACKGROUND: Schooled in karate, judo, and amateur wrestling. And growing up in the very rough East End of London, he had a lot of scraps (street fights) in his youth.

DAILY TRAINING: 24 beers a day and 50 cigarettes a day. Drinking from morning till night.
DIET: Junk food only

He is all about eating, drinking, smoking, and fighting and he overindulges in all four.

Vanity stuff: Files and sharpens his fingernails and teeth to razor sharp points to torn the flesh of his opponents.

Erratic and strange behaviour: First of all, look at him! He is a mutant looking pasty white, red eyes, morbidly obese albinos monster.

Doesn’t speak. Seems to be a mentally-ill, deranged and retarded individual. He is always yelling, grunting and grimacing even when he is not trying to tear the flesh out of your face.

Nose picking, burping, farting, and spitting. Digging his fingers onto his throat to puke on his opponents. Licking his opponent blood…

Memorable interviews: He doesn’t speak and apart from the grunting and yelling he can do some very special unusual things during his interviews.

Carrying and drinking a bottle of beer or cans of beer. Sometimes biting off the top of a beer bottle, chewing the glass and spitting it out. Breaking beer bottles on his head. Eating fried chicken from a giant bucket. Eating a bag of chips. Smoking cigarettes. Putting out cigarettes on his arm…

Sado Maso is the most injured man in the history of Combat Sport. It is a miracle that he still stand on his feet. (He is said to have an incredible tolerance for pain, mainly in reference to the injuries he has had.)

– Walk with a limp
– Over 1,400 stitches in his arms, head, eyebrows, hands, ears, shin, cheek and lip

– 18 concussions

– 79 broken bones, including…
– 2 cracked skull
– 1 broken orbital bone
– 1 broken cheekbone
– 1 fracture of zygomatic bone (under eye)
– 17 broken noses
– 1 broken jaw
– 4 front teeth knocked off
– 1 fracture of the palate (the roof of the mouth)
– 17 broken fingers (including a broken left thumb)
– 15 broken hands
– 1 compound fracture of the (right) wrist
– 1 fracturated elbow
– 1 fractured (left) shoulder
– 2 broken neck (He broke his neck at the age of 40 and came within a millimeter of being paralyzed from the waist down.)
– 1 broken back (vertebrae of the lower back)
– 1 broken tailbone
– 1 broken collarbone
– 7 broken ribs
– 1 broken (left) tibia
– 1 broken ankle
– 1 broken foot
– 1 broken right toe

– 12 surgeries, including…
– 7 surgeries on both shoulders (complete tears of rotator cuffs, labrum tears)
– Surgeries on both knees
– 1 surgery to the elbow
– 1 lower back surgery (slipped disk)
– 1 hip surgery
– Need knee replacement in both knees

– 1 dislocated jaw
– 1 compressed cheekbone
– 1 cracked (left) cheekbone
– 1 split tongue
– 1 bitten off nose
– 2/3 of his ear ripped off

– Severed tendons in his right hand
– Separated both shoulders
– 1 cracked (right) shoulder
– Dislocated (left) shoulder (multiple times)
– Complete tears of rotator cuffs (surgeries)
– Labrum tears (surgeries)
– Shoulder tear (right)
– Frozen shoulder torn cartlidge (left)
– Ripped tricep (left)
– Ripped tricep complete tear (right)
– 2 torn biceps
– 1 torn pectorial muscle
– Tore hamstring off the bone (twice)
– Tore groin off the bone
– Bone chips in his (right) elbow
– Bone chips in his (left) ankle
– Hyperextended right elbow

– 2 herniated discs
– 1 crushed disc
– 1 slipped disk in the neck
– Sciatic nerve damage
– Pinched nerve in the neck
– Limited neck rotation
– Radial-nerve damage to the right forearm
– Misaligned clavicles
– 1 bruised kidney
– 1 torn abdominal
– Hernia (stomach)
– Labral tears
– Slipped disk in the lower back (surgery)
– Cumulative trauma in lower spine
– Torn meniscus
– Torn ACL
– Torn hamstring
– Torn quads in both legs
– Torn medial collateral ligament
– Blown-out knees
– Cracked kneecap
– Twisted knee
– 1 crushed heel
– Right big toe, nail removed
– Plantar Fasciitis
– Foot blisters

– Stretched ligaments
– Several sprains

– Arthritis both wrists
– L-5 arthritis (lower back)
– Lower back problems
– Chronic back injuries
– Cortison shots in both shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles.

– Second degree burns (shoulder, chest and arm)
– Barbed-wire lacerations
– Thousands of thumb tack holes

– Emotional disorders
– Weight problem
– Alcoholism to numb the pain
– Hepatitis C

He is old, fat, plagued with a catalogue of injuries, he drinks, he smokes, he eats junk, he never go to the gym… However, he is indestructible and still going strong despite his age and injuries.

It is not uncommun to see him appearing in the ring with the bruises from the previous night’s bloodbath… He ended up in hospital after almost every one of his matches… May have spilled more blood than any other fighter in history… Perhaps the most injury-prone fighter ever… Has broke more than half the bones in his body… Refuse to take pain medication for his multiple crippling injuries. But he is a drunk who drink at least 24 beers a day and smoke 50 cigarettes a day.

His “Creature Feature” matches AKA hardcore wrestling matches were like a sideshow. He is a mutant-looking hardcore monster who is willing to risk life and limb in the pursuit of cheers, jeers, and other things.

– Two handed eyes-to-eyes mounted choke
– Bite to the Jugular
– Standing Moonsault

– Camel clutch

Aerial Moves
– Standing Moonsault
– Somersault
– Senton bomb
– Somersault crossbody / Hilo
– Standing Shooting Star Press
– Running or Standing Splash
– Jumping, diving or somersault leg drop
– Running back drop
– Sunset flip
– Diving head butt
– Jumping knee drop
– Running leg drop
– Running seated senton
– Running elbow drop to the throat
– Elbow drop
– Double Knee Drop to the stomach

– Biting
– Scratching
– Eyes gouging
– Eyes raking
– Fish hooking
– Choking
– Hair pulling
– Face smashing, biting and maiming in the mounted position

– Punching
– Punches (several consecutive right punches to his opponent face)
– Kicking
– Stomping
– Forearm club
– Forearm smashes
– Low blows
– Double foot stomp

– Headbutt
– Throat thrust
– Double hand throat thrust

– Falling powerslam
– Shoulder block
– Hip toss
– Bodyslam
– Backdrop suplex
– Vertical suplex
– Face raking bodyscissors
– Clothesline
– Bulldog

– Armpit claw
– Nerve hold

Catching a staph infection (biting) and hepatitis C (bleeding) are almost two sure things when fighting him.
His Piledriver can cause you a severe concussion, a broken neck, and a cracked skull.
His Splash, Moonsaults, and Somersault will break your ribs.
His bites, scratches, punches, headbutts will cost you stitches.



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