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The Undisputed Best Fighter Of The Entire Universe

GIVEN NAME: Santos Dixon
BIRTHPLACE: Torrance, Los Angeles, California, United States
BILLED FROM: Southern California, USA

WEIGHT: 239 lbs
AGE: 24


APE INDEX: +11.5″ (1.15)
BODYFAT: about 5 to 8% year-long
HAND SPAN: 10.5″
FISTS: 15.5″

NECK: 20″
BICEPS: 18.5″
CHEST/Norm.: 48″
CHEST/Exp.: 50″
WAIST: 32″
THIGH: 26″
CALF: 17″
ANKLE: 10″
FOREARM: 14.5″

CATEGORY: Chemically & Artificially Assisted
ETHNICITY: bi-racial. Half Black / half Brazilian
HERITAGE: Brazilian mother and African American father

40-YARD DASH (36.58 m): 4.35 seconds
100 METERS: 10.23 seconds
60 METERS: 6.81 seconds
200 METERS: 21.51 seconds
BROAD JUMP: 11’10”

BENCH PRESS 225 LB: 32 reps
BENCH PRESS: 425 lbs
SQUAT: 630 lbs
DEADLIFT: 710 lbs
HANG CLEAN: 400 lbs
POWER CLEAN: 352 lbs
Captains of Crush No. 4 Gripper closer (365 lbs of pressure to close)

Climb to the top of a gymnasium rope without using his legs. Which is an incredible feat of grip strength.
A one arm handstand, at any time.
Perform the iron cross

VO2 MAX: 60 ml/kg/min


STYLE: Mixed Martial Arts (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Muay Thai / Wrestling / Boxing) later rebranded as SLAUGHTERSPORT

  • His father, Terence Dixon, trained him to be ‘The Best Fighter In The World’ since day one.
  • Started fighting at the age of 18 MONTHS.
  • Started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai at the age of 5 by his grandfather, the legendary Helio Santos.
  • Started running at 8.
  • Started competing in Jiu-Jitsu at 8.
  • Started amateur wrestling (Greco Roman and Freestyle) at 10 in High School.
  • Started training in boxing at 13.
  • Started weight training and dieting at 14.
  • Was intensively trained by his father Terence Dixon at 14 to make his pro debut at 15.
  • Started to train at the Charles Santos Academy at 16.
  • Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (received at 18)
  • NCAA Division I Wrestling (10 years of amateur wrestling.

MMA RECORD: 13-6 (Learned the hard way. Starting at 15 years old against full-grown and often bigger men) in 7 years
Japan Combat Libre Champion (title once held by Gotch Bruno) 1 year 7 months 12 days reign at age 20-21
SLAUGHTERSPORT record: 14-0 (1 KILL)
Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 1 record: 3-0
Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2 record: 7-0 (1 KILL)

IQ: 190
LANGUAGE SPOKEN: English, Portugese, Japanese, and Spanish.
CHESS RATING: grandmaster rated 2556 by FIDE. His father taught him to play chess at the age of 3.

SOCIAL MEDIA FOLLOWERS (SLAUGHTERSPORT Network not included): 500 million


Beauty, Brain and Brawn.

Very tall with a super thick bone structure.

As his numbers can attest, WGF is a superhuman athlete, an athletic prodigy. He has an unseen combination of size (6 ft 5 in and 239 lb), hands, speed (40-yard dash in 4.35 seconds and 100 meter in 10.23 seconds), strength, leaping ability, body control and hand-eye coordination. A unique combination of strength, speed, and agility. Can do standing back flip at will and one time landed one in the splits for fun.

Santos Dixon aka WGF had incredible grip strength. He is known for being so powerful that he often can knock people out with an open-handed slap. Had incredibly large and extremely thick hands for his body size. Another of his impressive grip strength, he can climb to the top of a gymnasium rope without using his legs. Can submit a fighter on an handshake.

Born into a family of fighters, WGF is a third-generation competitor. WGF is perhaps the most perfect specimen combat sports has ever seen, WGF looked as though he was constructed in a laboratory by a team of scientists tasked with creating the perfect fighting machine. (That’s exactly what he is.)

Genetics + Hard Work + Science = Excellence

He is the perfect specimen of athletic prowess and intelligence.

“World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon is the better than perfect combination of breeding, feeding, training, steroids and drugs.

HOME FIELD: Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Los Angeles, California, United States (93,607)
Madison Square Garden, New York, New York, United States (around 20,000 spectators)

ENTRANCE MUSIC: wwe Mr. Perfect theme song
A sold-out arena chanting, stomping and clapping
“Dixon bomaye!”

CATCH PHRASE: Focus, Dedication, and Ambition. That’s what I’m all about!
First, build your brain. Second, build your body. Third, be the best you can. Fourth, do whatever it’s take to win.

“Winning is the most important thing in my life, after breathing. Breathing first, winning next.” – “World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon

FIGHTING TRAINERS: Terence Dixon, Helio Santos, Charles Santos, Shozo Takagi, Alexandros di Sparta, Gotch Bruno, Mario Santos, Lou Reid…

OCCUPATION: Fighting Champion, Influencer, Movie Star, Chess Grandmaster and Fitness Model


World's Greatest Fighter WGF


FAMILY BACKGROUND: World’s Greatest Fighter comes from fighting royalty. He is a third-generation fighter. He is the son of famous shoot wrestler Terence Dixon and Ellie Santos, grandson of Helio Santos, and nephew of Charles Santos, Mario Santos, and Dr. Tarek Santos. His body has superior genes. He can train all day.

Born into a financially wealthy family of fighters. His father Terence Dixon always been obsessed by chess. So, Santos Dixon was indoctrinated and home-schooled at the age of 3 to be focused on chess. He was obligated by his father to practice up to 15 hours a day. He is a FIDE Grandmaster rated 2556, as of the age of 20.

A big football fan, Santos always dreamed to play college football. But his dictatorial father didn’t want him to play football. Instead, he wanted him to focus on combat sports and not risking injuries in other sports.

Forced by his father Terence Dixon, to train as a fighter and play chess since the age of 3. Some said he was robbed of his childhood. His family always pressured him to achieve his absolute best physically and intellectually. From the first day he started school, he was always assisted by a private teacher at home.

During his childhood, he was kept in strict seclusion. Dedicating all of his time towards chess and training, he never had time to play with friends and experience a typical childhood. Any typical child toys and play were forbidden by his tyrannical father. The only game he could play was chess. Everything was about perfecting chess and fighting. Anything else was forbidden.

His monastic childhood days looked like this: Rising pre-dawn, training before, during, and after school.

Being on a strict diet enforced by his father, he was never able to eat junk food or any sweets. Today, he credited his father’s strict discipline as playing a large role in his success.

Once said that when he was 15, he was so into martial arts that he didn’t even have time for a girlfriend. It was probably prohibited by his father.

To this days, his father still pull the strings.

His father, Terence Dixon, age 58, is a legendary QCUK shoot wrestler, multi millionaire, gym owner, chess master, born-again Christian, and former California Fighting League owner.

Terence Dixon oversees everything and has the last word on everything. However his influence over his son diminushed before UST 3 with the explosion of his son’s popularity and revenues.


Long before he was great, his pushy father always introduced him as
“The Future Best Fighter in the World”.


ARSENAL: Wrestling & Takedown (ability to take down an opponent at will), Game Planning, Lay N Pray, Impose his rythm and his will on his opponents, Takedown Defense (never been taken down to date), Outstanding speed and agility.

FINISHER: Figure Four Leglock (His secret weapon for Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2)
Left High Kick, Slam, Ground & Pound, Knee Strike, Liver Shot, Armbar, Rear Naked Choke, etc.

TRAINING REGIMEN: His training regimen is cutting edge and turned him a fighting machine… Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master… Perfect Work Ethic

  • Wake at 5 AM for running… Run 10 to 20 miles a day (1 to 2 hours).
  • Do 3,000 sit-ups a day for 2 hours non-stop every morning, sometimes while watching TV.
  • Four-hour daily practices.
  • Exercise about an 1h30 each day in an Olympic training facility with his world class strength coach.
  • Do 200 sit-ups, 250 push-ups, 100 chin-ups before bed.
  • Go to bed at 9 PM for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night.
  • Workout 7 days a week

DIET: Perfect Diet

  • He consume 12,000 calories each day.
  • Drink a half-gallon of milk a day.
  • His diet consists of horse meat.
  • The best supplements in the world (whey protein powder, creatine, fat burners).


  • He is a closet anabolic steroids abuser (Deca-Durabolin and Winstrol) , human growth hormone, gene therapy, EPO, Modafinil user and weed smoker. (He added more steroids, HGH, and EPO to his stack after UST 1). Started using steroids (mainly D-bol) at age 13 under the supervision of his father. At the time, he did use steroids, but in much smaller doses than today and only 2 months per year. Added GHB before sleeping the year of UST-3.
  • He is a daily weed smoker. His post workout ritual is a shower and a joint. Smokes weed before his matches to relax and before a night of sleep.
  • He sells the image of a goodie two shoes perfect role model but in reality he is a selfish, arrogant, cold, aloof and distant egomaniac. He avoids contact with other Combatants and his fans except for promotional purposes. The only fans that he wants to be up close with are his groupies.
  • He got PYGOD’s friendship. He was hand-picked as the Chosen One, Face of the Company / Best for Business SLAUGHTERSPORT Champion…
  • PYGOD and his father Terence Dixon insisted that he should never get a tattoo, a body piercing, a beard neither change his haircut, alter his look nor getting fat. He must stay in top shape and lean all year round, always be freshly-shaved, dress sharp, and present himself in public as the goodie two shoes role model superhero that he is.
  • He is a fervent catholic or at least pretends to be one.
  • He wears a special suit that make him as slippery as possible plus Vaseline on his neck, face, jawline, chin, helmet, and over his suit on the lower back.
  • He uses plaster of Paris powder in and on his handwraps so they harden when moist. (UST 3)
  • Has the knuckles of his gloves and his shoulders, over his suit, rubbed in astringent compound mixed with ammonia before his wars to temporarily blind his opponents. Making their eyes “burn”.
  • He wears a wireless earpiece hidden in his right ear to receive directives from his coach and father Terence Dixon during his matches.
  • He has impact/contact sensors all over his bodysuit and helmet to help Terence Dixon yelling orders giving him instructions in his earpiece.
  • Has glove sensors small enough to fit in the back of glove linings that can measure the type, accurancy, and speed of each punch thrown. (UST 3)
  • Wears other biometric sensors monitoring his heart rate…..
  • He wears two-inch lifts inside his boots, which make him 6’7″. Upgraded to 2.5-inch elavator insoles for UST 4, thus making him 6’7.5″.
  • He is billed at 252 pounds but in reality he still weighs 239 pounds. (UST-3)
  • During the UST 1 one-night tournament, his personal paramedic puts three bags of IV fluid into him after each fight. Then he was rehydrated immediately and good to go right away.
  • Has informers spying the training of his future opponents.
  • Had laser eye surgery upgrading his vision to 20/10.
  • He is very well-endowed.
  • Legions of groupies. Enjoys screwing female groupies all around the world. Loves to have a sex orgy with at least 5 groupies after a victory (in his dressing room AND in his hotel suite later). After a victory, his dressing room is always full of groupies. His bodyguard/best friend Big Daddy always make sure that he only has the finest and hottest groupies with him.
  • A two-faced man. In front of the camera, he always play the virtuous good guy who always say the right thing at the right time. Off the cameras, he is selfish, arrogant, cocky, distant, hypocrite, egomaniac and a PYGOD’s ass kisser. Believes, for good reason, that the entire SLAUGHTERSPORT revolves around him. So what? He can be an asshole! He is one of the greatest of all time.
  • Has a long lost older brother, Terence Dixon II, who is estranged from family for the last ten years. Terence was rejected because he wasn’t gifted enough to accomplish what his parents wanted him to accomplish. Terence was also too rebel to submit to the tyrannical authority of his parents. After a troubled childhood and years of drugs and alcohol abuse, he was expelled from the family house at the age of 16. He was never heard of since. His family act like he never existed.
  • His intellectual prowesses and educational background has been embellished by his father.
  • Isn’t half-Japanese.
  • Has a stunt double for every of his movies. PYGOD doesn’t want to see his cash cow taking unnecessary risks outside of the BattleField.

EQUIPMENT: Skull Cap; Mouth Guard; Vaseline on his Face and Neck; Elbow Pads; Wrist and Forearm Wraps; Fiberglass Tackified Gloves; Boxing Cup; Knee Pads; Full Body Suit; Wrestling Boots; Socks

Gene Therapy / Winstrol / Deca-Durabolin / Anavar / Dianabol / Testosterone / Human Growth Hormone / EPO / Erythropoietin / Blood transfusions / The Cream / The Clear / Insulin / Andriol / Trenbolone / Clomid / Cortisone / Modafinil / Marijuana / GHB


Always dressed like a GQ model, the guy is pure class. He always had a lot of hype around him. Young, good-looking, smiling, refined, articulate, skillful, intelligent, determinated, multilingual, he is the perfect ambassador for Combat Sports at large. Always extremely popular with the kids and the girls initially, he soon became an hero for the adult men as well.

His father and maternal grandpa started training him to be a Combatant at the age of 18 months. He started his fighting career at the age of 15 in the California Fighting League (owned by his father). He was already 6’3″, 222 lbs at 15. Being too young to have driver license, he was given a brand new Mustang car by his father after winning his first pro fight. Primarily competed in California era during the summer months after school ended. He learned the hard way, always fighting against full grown men often bigger than him. Ever since, the local medias noticed his good look and soon pictures of him appeared in numerous magazines worldwide. He competed exclusively in the California Fighting League from the age of 15 to his early 18.

Santos Dixon early career as "Perfection" Rock Armstrong

Building the Perfect Fighter
The Team Behind WGF

THE STRATEGIST: chess master
THE HEAD COACH: Terence Dixon
THE BODY COACH: Coach John Lloyd, a world class NFL strength and conditioning coach
THE BJJ COACH: Mario Santos from the Santos Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Torrance, California
THE DOCTOR: Dr. Francis Marshall (added after UST 1) — He creates the drug cycles, nutritional plans, and provides the steroids and the growth hormone.

Was trained by Terence Dixon, Helio Santos, Charles Santos, Shozo Takagi, Alexandros di Sparta, Gotch Bruno, Mario Santos…

Splits his training time between Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and Southern California.

“World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon knows all the Data on the SLAUGHTERSPORT Combatants. His team analyzed The Big Thing’s, Simson’s, Andromache the Great’s, and everyone else’s tactics. He has been training with this analysis in mind. The plotting of Santos’s heart rate when he is using certain tactics is monitored in a notebook. His team are researching scientifically what Santos can be.

Dixon is constantly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil training with the guys from the Santos Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Academy. He has an entire supporting crew of 10 people there. A different training partner for each of the following discipline: Boxing, Judo, Vale Tudo, Luta Livre, Muay Thai, four sparring partners and one fitness training partner.

Dixon perfected his moves through technique and endless repetition. Said to practice his nearly unstoppable takedown 25,000 times.

Dixon was blessed with great natural ability, the willingness to work, incredible BattleField IQ and adaptability, inhuman reflexes and speed, plus careful preparation. Endless hours of watching film, and working with his trainer on specific counters for specific enemies he might have to face.

Preparing for UST 4, Dixon perfected his all time ability to dodge and slip punches, kicks, and takedown attempts thus becoming untouchable.


Santos Dixon is the world’s richest and most popular sports hero.

UNACCOUNTABLY POPULAR He is the Biggest Box Office Draw in the world. The biggest moneymaker in the history of SLAUGHTERSPORT. Kids loves him because of his superhero suit and persona. Chicks digs him because of his look and physique. Guys likes him because of his brutality and prowesses. He is the Franchise and THE true transcendent star of SLAUGHTERSPORT.

  • WGF is a one man brand and a marketing powerhouse.
  • In every SLAUGHTERSPORT Center across the world there is a retail store selling exclusively WGF-branded merchandise.
    His 13-inch rubber action figure is the best selling toy of all time. Selling a whopping 94.5 million units sold over the last 12 months (27 million units only in the USA) generating about US $945 Million in worldwide sales.
  • Selling 12 million T-shirts at $20 a each over the last 12 months generating $240 Million in worldwide sales.
  • Has for $58 Million worth of sponsorship deals for this year.
  • He is the hero of the official SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. cartoon that his named after him: “THE WORLD’S GREATEST FIGHTER”.
  • His “World’s Greatest Fighter Fan Club” sold over a million kits at $49.95 a year including a life size poster and a membership card. Grossing more than $50 Million a year for the UST.
  • Has his face on the UST video games.
  • Over 400+ products are made with his name, likeness, and image. Each SLAUGHTERSPORT Center across the world has a shop exclusively selling WGF’s merchandises.
  • Has done hundreds of commercials. Pitching everything from televisions to cell phones, ice cream bars, fabric softener and instant noodles.
  • Has done more than a thousand interviews.
  • Boasting over 200 TV appearances.
  • He has become a favorite target of paparazzi.
  • Has a fan base worldwide that runs from 4-year-old girls to 99-year-old women.
  • His image is used to sell everything from alarm clocks and pizza to wide-screen TVs, mouse pads, lunch boxes and slot machines.
  • His bed sheets, posters, stuffed dolls, pins, mugs, bobbleheads, Halloween masks, life-sized WGF cutouts are popular items too.
  • Licensed food products like his own cereal, Eastern Eggs, caramel corn…
  • G-shock watch, Zippo lighter, alarm clock, slot machine (sold 400,000 units), educational materials…
  • WGF has his own line of sex toys.
  • Has his name and face on milk cartons.
  • All his items sell better than those of any other Combatant.
  • WGF is the UST’s cash cow. The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs.

Fighting skill, personality, charisma, fan favorite, brains, beauty, mic talent, Battlefield talent… World wide appearances in soap operas, late night shows, game shows, magazine covers etc. “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon is the face of SLAUGHTERSPORT.

With all his fighting, movies, cartoon, and comic books. World’s Greatest Fighter is a real life superhero. WGF is the Supreme Gladiator – unbeaten and unbeatable. A big part of his popularity and desirability is the notion that he is invincible.


14 Wins (1 death, 8 knockouts, 5 submissions) 0 Loss

WIN 1-0 Big Bully Brawler Submission (leg lock) 4:31
WIN 2-0 Sergio Bueno KO (ankle lock, pain) 17:41
WIN 3-0 Kamisama Submission (eyes gouging) 17:53 Japan (01/25)
WIN 4-0 Konga Ruopa KO (knee choke) 7:09
WIN 5-0 The Big Thing KO (exhaustion) 5:46 UST 1
WIN 6-0 Andromache KO (full nelson face drop) 21:05 UST 1
WIN 7-0 Simson KO (German suplex) 7:15 UST 1
WIN 8-0 Simson KO (ground & pound) 4:58 UST 2
WIN 9-0 Norman di Sparta Death (rear naked choke) 20:40 UST 2
WIN 10-0 Mustafa Muhammad Submission (triangle choke) 1:58 UST 2
WIN 11-0 Master Shi Li KO (ground & pound) 5:39 UST 2
WIN 12-0 Andromache KO (knee drop to the face) 1:50 UST 2
WIN 13-0 Kamisama Submission (hand smothering) 3:30 UST 2
WIN 14-0 The Big Thing Submission (exhaustion) 5:51 UST 2


After his Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour 2 winning, his undefeated 14-0 UST record, and most of all his slaying of the mythical and previously unbeatable Norman di Sparta. At the young age of 23 years old, “The World’s Greatest Fighter” Santos Dixon is already considered by many to be the greatest of all time.



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