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ALIASES: “Roi d’la Pop”, “Le Roi de la Pop”, “Pretty Boy”, “Le Coiffeur Cogneur” (Probably the worst nickname ever for a boxer.), “Your favorite amateur-pro-fighter”
GIVEN NAME: Fabrice Adrien Gascon
HOMETOWN:FranceLe Marais, Paris, France
HEIGHT: 189.25 cm (6’2.5″)
WEIGHT: 133.6 kg / 294 lbs (Started his fighting career at 185 lbs)
AGE: 32
REACH: 198.75 cm (78.25″)

CATEGORY: Chemilly & Artificially Assisted

FIGHTING STYLE: Self-described as “Dance Battle” or “Amateur-Pro-Fighting” because of his extensive amateur boxing and wrestling accomplishments.


Early in his amateur boxing career he was reputed for his surreal bragging, taunting his opponents in interviews, and goofing around his opponents even at the Olympic Games. His fighting style was deemed as defensive and boring. Avoiding his opponent, clutching and doing just enough to win on point.

Was knocked down and counted only once in his amateur career. And was stopped only once before the end because of a cut around his right eye.
3-time French Amateur Boxing Champion (Gold medalist) Heavyweight
Gold medal – first place Olympic SuperHeavyweight Gold medalist at the age of 28.
Bronze medal – third place European Amateur Championships bronze medalist at the age of 27.

SLAUGHTERSPORT OPEN CHALLENGE: 123 wars as the main attraction over a two and a half years period.
64 wins – 3 losses – 56 draws

With his very bad Michael Jackson imitation, his paedophile overtones, his sexual abuses on his opponents, his promos denigrating the hosting cities and its citizens… He became the most hated Combatants of this era and a very lucrative box-office attraction. Thanks to Tito Saxon, the SLAUGHTERSPORT Open Challenge shattered TV audience records and sold-out arenas and stadiums across the world. With Tito Saxon as the main eventer, SLAUGHTERSPORT Open Challenge wasn’t just a B-level show next to the Universal SLAUGHTERSPORT Tour. The SLAUGHTERSPORT Open Challenge became an highly lucrative operation.

  1. His first, worst and most humiliating defeat to date happens when he was KO’ed by a spectator (a 5’9″, 26 years old first timer) in 1:11 without landing a single punch.  He was almost knocked out at the first punch.  But he got up just to get finished by his foe. The winner, an Italian firefighter, became a local hero and a pro boxer compiling a record of 12-0 (10 KO) against novices in the following two years. The event took place in Barcelona, Spain and it was Saxon’s first defeat after fifteen months of touring and main eventing the SLAUGHTERSPORT Open Challenge.
  2. KO’ed by “Man O’War” Lutalo Kamukama (The Face of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Training School) in 8:38. As usual, Saxon setted the pace of the war by stalling and clutching until, after eight minutes, Man O’War caught him with a flurry of punches to finish him with a Bronco Stampede.  After regaining his composure, Saxon was literally crying, blaming everything and anything. Speaking in english for one of a few time, he accused the UST of conspiration against him. Stating that he was cheated because the war was stopped too soon. In fact, he was completely out and on the receiving end of a potentially lethal beating. He asked for an immediate rematch. He had it.
  3. KO’ed by “Man O’War” Lutalo Kamukama in 22 seconds with punches and ground-and-pounding. Twice in the same night by Man O’War to the delight and standing ovation of the loud and cheerful audience. This memorable event took place in Los Angeles, California, USA. The video was the most popular all over the web.  Four days later, via his Twitter account, Saxon announced that he quits the SLAUGHTERSPORT Open Challenge out of disgust. His three former colleagues (Ruopa, Muhammad, and Big Bully Brawler), who hated his guts, are shown toasting and celebrating with beer on social medias. The TV audience rating dropped the weeks following his departure.
  • His father boxed, wrestled, and refereed.
  • Started amateur freestyle wrestling at the age of 16.
  • Was a nationally ranked wrestler from the age of 17 to 20 at 185 lbs.
  • Started boxing at 18.
  • Quits boxing after getting his nose broken.
  • Was an alternate on the France Olympic wrestling team at the age of 20.
  • Restarted boxing at 21.
  • Was French Amateur Boxing Champion 3 times.
  • Worked as a hairdresser and a DJ during his entire amateur boxing career.
  • European Amateur Championships bronze medalist at the age of 27.
  • Olympic SuperHeavyweight Gold medalist at the age of 28.
  • Joined the SLAUGHTERSPORT Open Challenge and quickly became the main attraction.
  • Regularly trains with the France Olympic freestyle wrestling team.
  • His paedophile overtones with his two valets. An ugly 12 years old boy who translate all the crap Saxon said with a very annoying voice. And a dancing midget spraying Michael Jackson’s Perfume with an oversized atomizer.
  • Sexually abuses his enemies (opponents) with inappropriate touching and explicit kissing.
  • A Michael Jackson impersonation with very bad singing and dancing imitations.
  • Stalling and basically avoiding fighting. He really seem to do everything possible to annoy the audience.
  • Promos, interviews, and social medias. Surreal bragging, lambasting and mocking everything and anything. His favorite targets are his future and past enemies (opponents), his touring cities and its citizens.  All in his trademark gay lisp and effeminate manners.
  • Michael Jackson Perfume abuse. Too much is too much.
  • Rumored to be a cheater using a loaded glove, slippery stuff to make himself impossible to grab, and blinding stuff to hurt his enemies’s sight.
  • His stupid ever-present smile.
  • Glorifies his cocaine abuse.
  • Stalling. A master at setting the pace of the war, immobilizing his enemy and controlling the inaction or simply running away.
  • Mind game. Being sexually assaulted during a war will throw any Combatant off guard.
  • Michael Jackson Perfume. He wears a full bottle of it and can be smell 50 feet away. The scent is so strong and suffocating that it will cause headaches, allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and even asthma attacks to some people.
  • Underestimated. Despite his over the top persona he is a very skilled Combatant.
  • Showmanship. A champion at talking, annoying people, and creating headlines. He has charisma and drawing power.
  • Inconsistent. He is either very good or awful.
  • Overconfidence.
  • Cocaine. It may give him a boost before his wars but the party lifestyle associated with it begin to take its toll.
  • Playing the crowd too much.Good for business but not for winning a war.


  • The 7-minute stall. Stalling, passivity and timidity are his main strategies. He intentionally delays the action and avoids confrontations by retreating, circling without striking, running away from them, avoiding any contact, holding his opponent’s body to stop them from attacking or countering. He fights only when his opponent attacks. Which grew the hire of the crowd and audience at home.
  • Lay-and-Pray. He is very good at takedowns, maintaining top position while doing pelvic thrusts from time to time to throw his enemy’s off game. Takes his opponents down and holds them down without consistently submitting them, passing guard or landing effective ground-and-pound. This strategy might be effective in judged Combat Sports but there is no judging in UST. In this position, he pulls his opponent’s hair to maintain position, gouges eyes, choke him with his hand or forearm and smothers him with his white glove.
  • Le Casse-Couilles. His favorite tactic is reaching into his opponent’s cup and banging on his testicles.
  • Rear NAKED Choke. White glove Hand Smothering with groping and pelvic thrusts.
  • Knock Out Punch. A right punch to the jaw using his mysterious White Glove.
  • Coward heel. Overselling his opponent’s attack… Begging on his knee, asking for a time-out, almost crying to his opponent not to hit him… Turtle defense… Clumsy missed offense… Playing and taunting the crowd… Homoerotic gestures and positions during his war… Suspected of using smelling salts during his wars to wake-up when knocked down and feeling dazed.
  • Sexual assault. He literally and clearly molest his opponents during battle. Lot of pelvic thrusts, booty shaking, groin shaking against his enemy’s body. Kissing, licking, groping…. A very effective mind game that make his enemies lose their cool and making mistakes.
  • Running away. Literally turns his back and runs away as a defense.


  • His manservant Jeremy/Bambi (a twelve years old ugly white boy named after Michael Jackson’s nickname and dressed in Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean costume). Bambi travels with him wherever he goes, holding his bags, opening doors for him, etc. Off-camera, he and Bubbles calls him anything but “suceur de queues / cocksucker” like it’s his name.
  • His close friend and playmate Buddy/Bubbles (a white midget named after the chimpanzee of Michael Jackson and dressed in a Michael Jackson costume). Saxon and Bubbles are both very cruel toward the young Bambi.

GEAR: His €28895.64 sequins short and shirt kit… His Magic dance shoes…


  • “Alors ça va?”
  • “Oh là là oh là là”
  • “Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde! Merde!” (after losing a fight and refusing to leave the Battlefield)

Bad – Michael Jackson
Thriller – Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson and the Children of the World

Just like his idol Michael Jackson, Tito Saxon Roi d’la Pop praises his love for the ‘Children Of The World’.


The most unanimously hated, annoying and antogonizing Combatant in the SLAUGHTERSPORT history. At least he try to be…

Tito Saxon Roi d’la Pop also pretends to be “the greatest SLAUGHTERSPORT champion of all time” and as “the Chosen One”“The One who possesses strength, spirituality, courage, agility, intelligence, and unsurpassed skill in the martial arts.” All translated from french to english by the annoying voice of his pre-pubertal sidekick.

He is always smilling, dancing, showing love to his “fans” and thanking them for their support.  And his love for “the children of the world” is anything but suspect.  Even if everybodies loves to hate him.  They hate him with an intense passion.

They wants to see him getting beated up, injured, knock outed, bloodied.  The SLAUGHTERSPORT audience paid to see him getting his ass kicked!  They chant “Die Tito die!”  and “Tito sucks!” whenever they see him.  Saxon does everything to antagonize the fans.

Send them kisses, salute them, acting like a jerk thinking that everybodies love him and root for him, doing his loud mouth, always has some stupid excuse to explain his shortcomings (telling that if he has training he would have win it easily, that his opponent cheated or used illegal moves or explaining a misperformance by the Columbian flu he caught last night…)  He is simply the best at annoying and antagonizing people.

A Michael Jackson impersonator doing Michael Jackson dance moves and trying to sing.

In his entrance at the UST Presentation he was accompagnied by hundreds of kids all dressed in Michael Jackson costumes and wigs. Paedophilic overtones.

There is always a huge crowd reaction during his wars. Loud booing when he stalls the action and he is on the offense. Even louder cheering when he gets hit.

EVERYBODY loves to hate him. But they hate him with an intense passion. They wants to see him getting beated up, injured, knock outed, bloodied.  The UST audience pay to see him getting his ass kicked!  They chant “PEDOBEAR”,  “Die Tito die!”, and “Tito sucks!” whenever they see him.  Saxon does everything to piss-off the fans.


  • “Je suis le meilleur Combatant de tout les temps.”
  • “Je préfère me servir de mon cerveau plutôt que de mes muscles.” Quand il est critiqué pour son style de Combat ennuyant et inactif.
  • “Ils sont des peureux, des lâches et des mauviettes. Ils ne veulent pas m’affronter. Ils ont peur de moi.” en parlant des autres Combatants de la UST.
  • “Je préfèrerais perdre avec honneur que de gagner en trichant.” Alors qu’il est questionné au sujet des rumeurs voulant que son gant blanc soit “loaded”.

All translated from french to english by the annoying voice of his pre-pubertal sidekick Bambi.


  • The White Glove Mystery. “Loaded” and “blinding” white glove? Rumors that his white glove is loaded but it can’t be proved. Plaster of Paris powder on his wraps which harden with sweat are hypothesis just as brass knuckles or an railroad spike. The air pump and water hypothesis aren’t realistic.The only thing is that his oversized glove has no padding and his bandages are made with adhesive tape that are soaked in water to make them tighter which is legal. Opponents also complained about a blinding substance on his white gloves.
  • Slippery when wet. Sequin shorts and shirt are said to be very slippery and next to impossible to grab. Takes a bath filled with soapy water and baby oil before each fights. So when he starts to sweat, he becomes as slippery as possible. Accused of covering his sequin gear, body and hair with vaseline to make him impossible to get a grip on. However, his short and shirt are made of bomber flight jacket nylon which is slippery and legal anyway.
  • Accused of having ammonia in his hair to burn the eyes of his opponent.
  • Also suspected of having chloroform in the palm of his glove. Useful when he handsmothers his enemy.
  • Allegedly tried to bribe his opponents to take a dive.
  • Miracle Pill. Has been using what seem to be smelling salts, ammonia capsules and energy pills during his wars. Even if it is legal, he denied using it.
  • Colombian flu / Cocaine abuse. Uses cocaine before each war. Which is legal.


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