NICKNAME: The Ultimate Hardman
GIVEN NAME: Glenn Shore
HOMETOWN:United KingdomEast End of London, England
AGE: 44
BARBELL WRIST CURLS: 285 lbs X 10-15

ETHNICITY: Aryan, as he claims.
CATEGORY: Chemically Assisted & Raw

OCCUPATION: Violence (Bouncer, enforcer, debt collector, strike breaker, squatter remover and gypsy remover) Got himself shot five times during his days as an enforcer for drug dealers.

– At 16 years old, he is sentenced with 18 years in a maximum security prison for armed robbery and kidnapping.
– 13 months after his release, he is sentenced for 3 years in a maximum security prison for manslaughter.  Which happens in a barroom when he was working as the head doorman.
– Beaten up a police officer.
His last incarceration ended when he was 38 years old.

– His latest arrestation was this year during UST 3, he was arrested after a dispute with his long-suffering wife. He struck his wife in the face breaking her orbital bone. The UST law team bailed him out of trouble as if nothing happened.

CLAIM TO FAME: Knocked out QCUK fighting champion Malcom Patterson with one punch (sucker punch) in a strip club where he was working as a bouncer. The incident make the news around the world.  It was his first taste at celebrity.

STYLE: Street Fighting (bars, streets, and prisons)
“GAME PLAN”: Gong N Dash (punching, kicking, stomping).
His matches against top-tier opposition goes like this:  – Kick ass for a few minutes, then run out of breath and do the inevitable “job”.

Pankration Freakshow Deathmatch Champion

STREET FIGHTING: 2000-0 (His own unverifiable claim.)

STRENGTHS:  Intimidating, effective, fearless brawler…  cement head…  powerlifter strength

WEAKNESSES: -Lack of submission skills…  poor stamina… one-dimensional brawler unwilling to change.

– Punching
– Kicking
– Stomping
– Biting
– Different slams
– Relly on murderous hooks and uppercuts to win.
– Stomp, bite, and pound his opponent into submission.
– Headbutt
– Jab and straight right
– Shoving faces into his armpit

OTHERS COMMENTS:  He is the “baddest of the bad”, his “this is my yard” character and “I’m bigger and stronger than my opponent so I will kick their ass.” mentality.  He perfectly fits in the chaos of the BKB. He is a bully always looking for beer, broads, and brawls.

He is a tough loner, reclusive, respect nobody, hate everybody, and likely to attack anybody.  “I live alone!  I train alone!  I’ll win the title alone!  I can’t be beat and I won’t be beat!”    But it seem that our loner find a really good friend in Konga Ruopa and Mustafa Muhammad.

A great showman, loud-mouth, cursing, trash talking, beer guzzling, cigar chomping, tough-as-nails brawling machine with a losing record.

Always fight drunk. Usually after drinking a fifth of vodka or whiskey.

BBB became famous for his inhuman ability to take a beating.

HIS EYEPATCH: BBB lost his left eye in a barroom melee when a sneaky patron broke a large beer bottle on his face.


The SLAUGHTERSPORT 4-man federation version (UST 1) was in need of a jobber.  Big, frightening, popular, highly entertaining, burly brawler blessed with mic skills, an iron head and a deadly punch.  Big Bully Brawler was the perfect choice for the Monster Heel jobber role. However, he never was on the roster and was only used as a human punching bag for the chosen fighters and a gatekeeper for the aspiring participants.


He and his drinking buddy Konga Ruopa are known as the “Toothless Bastards”. Both are foul-mouthed bullies disliked by other fighters, in and out of the Battlefield. Known for their cruel ribs on other fighters. They both enjoys taunting and humiliating others in front of an audience.  They even have someone to film their backstage antics.

He is said to be fighting drunk and often high on cocaine. By the way, he is another steroid user. With the exception of Simson, everybody seem to use steroids in SLAUGHTERSPORT.

A self-taugh street brawler. On his time out of prison, he is a renowmed doorman who is running six doors of the roughest places of London.  He first gained worldwide media attention when, working as the head bouncer of a stripper club, he knocked out cold Quintuple Crown Unified King Malcom Patterson with one-punch (sucker punch).  Then he was making the news with appearances on night shows and interviews on newspapers and magazines.

Loudly claiming that he never been beaten, knocked down or knocked out in over 2000 fights. Claiming that he killed four men with his own hands and that as a debt collector, he routinely breaks the fingers of his victims one by one and forces them to swallow their own broken teeth.  What a charming individual!..

HOME FIELD: Wembley Stadium, London, England (capacity: 90,000)
ENTRANCE MUSIC: War Ensemble – Slayer



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