NICKNAME:  Hottest Hardcore Queen
BIRTHPLACE:Nuremberg, Germany
HOMETOWN:United StatesBrisbane, California, USA (moved there at the age of 12)
HEIGHT:  6’2″ (without heels and mohawk)
WEIGHT:  210
AGE: 22

CATEGORY: Natural & Artificially Enhanced



STYLE: Backyard Wrestling
2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do

TITLE: Extreme Hardcore Wrestling “World” Champion (since age 20)
Gold medals in both  the Sparring and Breaking at the AAU National Junior Olympics (age 18)

OCCUPATION: Hardcore wrestler in EHW (Extreme Hardcore Wrestling) and other obscure regional “hardcore” promotions. Model, actress, stunt woman.

BACKGROUND: Gymnastics and martial arts.
Participated in competitive Tae Kwon Do for ten years.  Culmunated her career at the age of 18, winning both the Sparring and Breaking at the AAU National Junior Olympics

SLAUGHTERSPORT RECORD: 1-1 (Defeated Big Bully Brawler and was defeated by Sado Maso)

FIGHTING TYPE: She is more of a scrapper than a grappler. She is built for speed. She is hard to catch, she is an excellent kicker, she can fly, she can jump high in the air, she like to swing her high heels boots into the face of her opponents.

However grappling can be a problem for her.  She usually avoid grappling and avoid being on the ground. She prefers to be on her feet and lauch long combo chains with devastating final blows.   

STRENGTHS: Speed, kicking profiency… Acrobatic, aerial offense. Very entertaining to watch.

WEAKNESSES: A better scrapper than grappler.

TYPICAL MATCH: Most of her matches reach “knockout” endings within two or three minutes…  Her name is synonym with barbarity, blood, broken bones, and all out butchery…  She has more muscles than the average bodybuilder and is stronger than just about any other EHW brawler…  She is actually one of the best brawlers in EHW and got more moves than a game of chess…  She will cheerfully send any male that brawl her to a hospital bed…



  • Born Nuremberg, Germany.
  • Started competing in Tae Kwon Do at the age of 8.
  • Moved to Brisbane, California, United States at the age of 12.
  • Culmunated her career at the age of 18, winning both the Sparring and Breaking at the AAU National Junior Olympics.
  • Became involved in Backyard Wrestling at 18
  • Founded the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling promotion at 20
  • Founder and owner of EHW
  • Current EHW “World” Heavyweight Champion
  • Was the first woman ever to compete in hardcore wrestling
  • Appeared in Best of Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Vol. 1 & 2
  • Is a playable character in the two Extreme Hardcore Wrestling video games
  • Did SLAUGHTERSPORT try-out last year, at the age of 22. Defeating Big Bully Brawler but submitted to 400-pound Sado Maso.
  • Selected as an alternate in the UST 3, this year.

EHW (Extreme Hardcore Wrestling) is an American wrestling promotion emphazing a reckless and ultra-violent style in a low budget environment.

A star of EHW and other obscure regional “hardcore” promotions.  But never made it to a major wrestling federation.

Very fast and a kicking machine with a wide array of flashy aerial moves. But will it be enough when facing la creme de la creme of the fighting world? Not to forget that she only faced fellow hardcore wrestlers from independent promotions across the U.S.

With her Tae Kwon Do and gymnastics background and her homicidal and suicidal attitude, she brings brutality and excitement to SLAUGHTERSPORT… PYGOD says that the so-called best fighters in the world would not last one minute in the BattleField with her.

PERSONALITY:  Adherant of the “straight edge” lifestyle and a “girl power” believer at heart…

ENTRANCE MUSIC: Gas Chamber – L7

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