Demonika HBIC


UST Commissioner
UST Hostess and executive producer
Head of Hospitality

RESIDENCE: GODistan (resided in Los Angeles, California, United States before moving to GODistan)
HEIGHT: 5’8″
WEIGHT: 120 lbs
AGE: 33 (looks ten years younger)

ETHNICITY: Half White half Japanese

APPEARANCE: Business suits, short skirt without tights, high heels and flowy long light brown hair with blond shades. Extremely beautiful and sexy, she knows how to use her sex-appeal to her maximum advantage. The way she walks, the way she talks, she exudes confidence. Unsmiling.

SIDEKICKS: A assistant secretary and two bodyguards just like any other major bosses in SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc.

PERSONALITY: Ambitious, headstrong, stubborn, pushy, will do whatever necessary to get what she wants. An abusive control freak to her minions.
Emotionless, calm and straight to the point in interviews while being charming and looking like an angel.
She regularly outclasses interviewers on TV.

GOAL: To own and control SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. In the shorter term, she wants to be a shareholder and a member of The Committee.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Business Administration (graduated at 22 years old)
After graduating, she began working for SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. full-time in the SLAUGHTERSPORT Management department.

LANGUAGES: English, Japanese, Spanish

SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. career path:

  • SLAUGHTERSPORT Management & Marketing
  • “Live Event News” broadcaster on the SLAUGHTERSPORT Network
  • UST Hostess and executive producer
  • UST official spokeswoman
  • Head of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Management & Marketing

UST hostess and executive producer Demonika HBIC is now presented as the UST Commissioner acting as the official spokeswoman for the UST while staying in charge of the show as the hostess, executive producer, also announcer and interviewer.



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