Michael K. Dutson

SLAUGHTERSPORT Network Executive Vice President
SLAUGHTERSPORT ownership: 1%

Michael K. Dutson joined the SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. at the age of 23 as a tax-accountant before becoming an executive. He is a 39 years old handsome white American Mormon with blond hair, blue eyes, a California tan, a million dollar smile and a positive attitude. He wears expensive suits and has boundless energy. He is an happily married man with two kids. Do not drink, smoke, do drugs nor fornicate. Wears the mandatory UST pin on the left flap of his jacket. Nicknamed “Miracle Man” by PYGOD because of the incredible expansion of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Network, the most important branch of SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. Only two things matter for him: rating and revenues. Unlike his boss, he thinks that the UST tournament draft should be predetermined. The more events the better. He works 90 hours a week and will be paid $117 Million compensation (pay-for-performance bonuses) this year, one dollar for each subscribers at the lauch of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Network. He resides in GODistan with his family.