BIRTHPLACE: Montmagny, Quebec,Canada
RESIDENCE: Montreal, Quebec,Canada
HEIGHT: 5’8″ (173 cm)
WEIGHT: 365 lbs (166 kg)
AGE: 29

NECK: 25″
CHEST: 62″
ARMS: 23.5″
WRISTS: nearly 10″
WAIST: 52″
ANKLES: 11.5″

CATEGORY: Natural and Raw.


  • 1st The REAL World’s Strongest Man (age 28).
  • Silver medal – second place Silver medal – second place Silver medal – Olympic Games Weightlifting +105 kg. Snatch: 204.5 kg (450 lbs) + Clean and Jerk: 261.5 kg (575 lbs) = Total: 466 kg (1025 lbs) age 26.
  • The Alpha Male Challenge: winner of the Strength competition (age 27).

done at The REAL World’s Strongest Man / Strongest Man Alive Competition (age 28)
Clean and Jerk: 575 lbs
Deadlift: 1000 lbs
SMAC Total: 1575 lbs

done in official Drug Tested Raw Powerlifting full meets (SuperHeavyWeight)
SQUAT (no wraps): 800 lbs (ass-to-floor high-bar Olympic squat)
BENCH PRESS: 622 lbs (with a 2-second pause on chest)
DEADLIFT: 1000 lbs (World Record)
TOTAL: 2422 lbs

done at the Olympic Games
SNATCH: 450 lbs
TOTAL: 1025 lbs
His raw strength overcomes his grotesque technique.

official combined weightlifting/powerlifting
SUPER TOTAL: 1025 lbs + 2422 lbs = 3447 lbs

regular gym lifts filmed for a TV report
CLEAN: 600 lbs
MILITARY PRESS: 400 lbs off the rack, cold with no warm-up

SLAUGHTERSPORT RECORD: 1-2 (The Alpha Male Challenge)
Slow, ground based style with zero stamina and minimal Combat skills. But overwhelming strength.


  • Longshoreman at the Port of Montreal since he is 17 years old.
  • Competing Strongman.

MARITAL STATUS: Married to school teacher Julie since the age of 21. They have two daughters.

LANGUAGES: French, English.

DIET: Eats prodigious amounts of meat (several pounds a day) and potatoes and drinks only milk (over a gallon a day) and water.


  • His parents and grandparents were also big and strong.
  • Became aware of strength training after getting his hands on ‘Cheating Nature Without Steroids’ by PYGOD that became his second bedside book after the Holy Bible.
  • Started strongman training and heavy manual labor at age 17.
  • He is a purist. Drug-free, raw, no wraps, no sleeves, no belts, no supplements, no ammonia, just chalk.
  • He started strength training at 17 in the basement of the church near home. He never had coaches, spotters nor training partners. Now he still train all by himself in his garage with primitive equipment.
  • A fervent Catholic and family man, he claims to drawn his strength from God.
  • He still working at his longshoreman day job despite being an Olympic Silver medalist and earning a tax-free $1 Million dollars by becoming The REAL World’s Strongest Man last year. Only training twice a week, he stated that he has a lot of time and his day job is good exercise. Nonetheless, his wife Julie left her teacher’s job to become a full-time mom.

God, Family, Strength – Hebrews 12:11 ” No discipline seems pleasant and the time, but painful. Later on however, it produces a harvest of Righteousness and Peace for those who have been trained by it.” Follower of Christ, Family Man, Strength Athlete and Longshoreman.

MUSICAL THEME: O Canada – Céline Dion.


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