“The Strongest Woman who ever lived” GRACE SCHNEIDER-MÜLLER™

GRACE SCHNEIDER-MÜLLER 'The Strongest Woman who ever lived' SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM“The Strongest Woman who ever lived”

REFERRED AS: The Strongest Woman who ever lived, World’s Strongest Woman
RESIDENCE: SLAUGHTERSPORT Laboratory, Berlin,Germany
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 285 lbs
AGE: 23

CLEAN & JERK: 425.5 lbs (193.4 kg)
DEADLIFT: 683.4 lbs (310.4 kg)
TOTAL: 1108.9 lbs
FARMER’S WALK: 260 lbs (in each hand) x 50 feet.
ATLAS STONES LIFTING: 328 lbs on a 3’8″ (112 cm) platform 2 times

CATEGORY: Chemically Assisted & Raw


  • Exogenous Testosterone.
  • Testosterone Analogues.
  • Estrogen blockers.
  • Oral Turinabol.
  • DHEA (androstenolone).


  • Deep voice.
  • Square jaw.
  • Severe case of hair loss. She always wear a wig, a bandana and a hat.
  • One-inch penis-like clitoris.

Her goal is to push past perceived limitations for what a woman can achieve.

Favorite quote : “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

Blessed with strength, speed, flexibility, and coordination, Grace was recruited and started weightlifting training at 11 years old.

MUSICAL THEME: Kosmischer Läufer – Flucht aus dem Tal der Ahnungslosen (1981).
Kosmischer Läufer Volume 1: The Secret Cosmic Music of the East German Olympic Program 1972-83. Music that supposedly enhances athletes performance.


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