BIRTHPLACE: parts unknown
RESIDENCE: Citizen of the world
HEIGHT: 5’10”
WEIGHT: 205 lbs
AGE: 33
REACH: 72″
STANCE: Orthodox
BODY FAT: 5-8%
ARMS: 18″
CHEST: 50″
WAIST: 30″


  • The Worldwide Leader of the SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation
  • Vigilante


  • Started training in SLAUGHTERSPORT at age 5.
  • Started weight training at age 14.
  • Became a SLAUGHTERSPORT instructor in a SLAUGHTERSPORT Center at age 19.

CATEGORY: Chemically and Artificially Assisted
(Steroids; fiberglass mask, bullet-proof vest, steel-toe boots and sap gloves)

ETHNICITY: unknown
HERITAGE: unknown

HOBBIES: Training, Gaming, attending UST/CST/NST Events around the world, Fighting.

MOTTO: “Crazy shit!”


  • Full face fiberglass protection skull mask with stainless steel mesh eyes protector, mouth and nose ventilation holes, voice changer.
  • Official SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation Member 2020 T-shirt
  • Bullet-resistant vest Threat Level IIIA (5-6 lbs)
  • Black turtleneck
  • Sports watch
  • 8-ounce SAP gloves
  • Black cargo pants with knee pads built in
  • Protective cup
  • Steel-toe Combat boots


ENEMIES: Pedophiles, child murderers, activists and politicians against the SLAUGHTERSPORT, and the lawyers who represent them all. Zombies, aliens, the 13 Levels Combatants in SLAUGHTERSPORT: The Game,

MUSICAL THEME: War – Sick Puppies.


Organised Gang Fights

As the SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation leader, Superfan sets-up his team in 100 vs. 100, 80 vs. 80, 50 vs. 50, 20 vs. 20, 15 vs. 15, 10 vs. 10, 7 vs. 7, or 5 vs. 5 wars. Ideally it should have five “referees” to stop the war when an entire team are lying on the ground.
Very popular in Russia and England.
In stadiums and arenas as a spectacle.

  • No weapons allowed.
  • No attacking bystanders.
  • Anything goes, no holds barred hand-to-hand Combat.
  • The fighting only stops when everybody on the opposing side is in the foetal position on the floor. It’s acceptable to attack people on the floor, as long as others are still stood, even those who submit early can be attacked as long as their teammates are standing. Meanwhile a fighter can get beaten mercilessly by two or more enemies.

It’s fighting for the sake of fighting.


  • Discipline
  • Always dress in black.
  • Always ready to fight.
  • Remain sober. No alcohol. No drugs. No cigarettes.
  • Getting plenty of rest.
  • Wearing gumshield, protective cup, and MMA gloves is advised.
  • travel and medical care after fights.

“Was mich nicht umbringt macht mich stärker” (“what does not kill me makes me stronger”).

“In any culture, fighting among the species just makes the species stronger.”



Superfan™ impact in the actual world.

TOTAL BOX OFFICE DRAW TO DATE: $3.216 Billion (average of $67 Million per film) 42 movies in 14 years

Since his creation 22 years ago

  • Superfan starred and co-starred in 48 fighting/action/horror/science fiction/comedy films (one was just a cameo appearance). The films have grossed $3.216 Billion at the worldwide box office.
  • Fightin’ Around the World with Superfan TV series (5 seasons for a total of 98-48 minutes – episodes).
  • Superfan and the SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation anime television series (3 seasons for a total of 65 -30 minutes- episodes). Each episode ends with Superfan himself giving a moral lesson after lifting weights, doing fighting stuff or cardio exercises in a SLAUGHTERSPORT Center.

SLAUGHTERSPORT Universe. SLAUGHTERSPORT Network dedicated an entire channel to its movies and TV series.

  • The Superfan comic book series ran continuously for the last 22 years.
  • Superfan Beat’em up video game is playable on SLAUGHTERSPORT.COM.
  • Superfan action figures.
  • Superfan SLAUGHTERSPORT Combat System instructional videos. Grossing $130 Million in sales so far.
  • Superfan Costume. Hardcore SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation members dress like him to assist to SLAUGHTERSPORT Events and to act as street vigilantes. So much that his image is used to represent the SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation members.
  • Mades regular appearances on UST Events and SLAUGHTERSPORT Festivals.
  • Several appearances on late night talk show, daytime news variety shows and radio shows while on promotion tours. He gives interviews to anyone with press credentials, mades red carpet appearances, and signs autographs for fans on the street. Other actors of his movies are invited to do the same.
    Superfan is always wearing his costume and in-character. And unlike WGF, Superfan signs autographs and takes selfies for free.
  • Superfan is always accompagnied by a bodyguard, a tour manager/agent, and an assistant. All employees of the SLAUGHTERSPORT.
  • Superfan’s movies and TV series featured several UST and CST Combatants, in most cases playing themselves.
  • There is a Super Combatant and a Superfan statue in GODistan.


WGF recently ended his movie career stating that he wanted to dedicate 100% of his effort in remaining The World’s Greatest Fighter with all it require. The rigourous training sessions, the hectic travel schedule, TV shows and public appearances.

WGF‘s movie career was a failure for three reasons. Cheesy scripts, poor productions and the fact that Santos Dixon and the UST refusal to portray WGF as anything other than an invincible and invulnerable superhero.

Nonetheless WGF‘s comic books, mangas, animes and cartoons are huge in Japan, Mexico and the United States. His comic book turned him into the first and foremost character in American popular literature.

SLAUGHTERSPORT, Inc. wanted a new movie star as a propaganda tool for the Mega-Corporation. A more adult-oriented, PG-13 kind of an anti hero. Not a cheesy goodie two shoes as WGF.

The Superfan franchise is another SLAUGHTERSPORT’s propaganda/promotion tool to sell SLAUGHTERSPORT Nation membership cards by glamorising its hardcore members lifestyle and a way to attract more people to the SLAUGHTERSPORT as a whole. It is lucrative promotion for the Mega-Corporation. Otherwise said making huge profits for doing publicity which seem to be one of the Mega-Corporation’s specialties.

Furthermore the actors portraying the masked Superfan have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to keep their identity secret. Doing so, Superfan remains faceless and its portrayers became interchangeables.

Rumors stated that there is more than one Superfan’s portrayer to fulfill the constant filming around the world and promotional duties. As seen in interviews all around the world, Superfan can speak numerous languages fluently. Maybe too many for a single person to speak.

Requirements to be a Superfan portrayer.

  • Being about 5’10”, 205-pound with a bodybuilder physique, big arms and small waist.
  • Being an expert in the SLAUGHTERSPORT Combat System and extremely fit.
  • A trained and experienced method actor would be best.
  • Being ready to be 14 hours a day on set.
  • Doing extensive promotion tours while being masked, wearing the costume and staying in-character at all time.
  • Being available for the fans, signing autographs and taking selfies. After all, Superfan is one of them.
  • Signing a non-disclosure agreement to keep his identity secret




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